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OAKS, A Different Kind of Restaurant | lifestyle

OAKS is one of the new kids on the block, in Nottingham’s growing indie restaurant community. Although us Midlanders and visitors to the area are fast becoming spoilt for choice in terms of great food and atmosphere I was pretty excited to see what OAKS was going to bring the table after hearing about their unique ethos and last week I got the chance to try it out.

In partnership with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, OAKS have created a unique promise setting them apart from other restaurants. They promise to fulfil their simple but carefully throughout member using only local produce and for that food all to be cooked on a grill powered buy sustainable naturally coppiced logs from the wildlife trust. If you're not already sold on this concept, let me tell you what we found when we finally checked it out!

Let me tell you, this place is killer for anyone who, like me, is big on first impressions. The rustic meets luxury interior is stunning, in fact I would quite like to steal some ideas for my house, and the friendly staff can't do enough for you from the minute you walk in. Our waiter Stephen seated us in the window, and hooked us straight up with some drinks. I went for the 'Midlands Spritz' a locally inspired ale and elderflower based cocktail, something very different to what I would normally choose but as I am a sucker for anything local I took the recommendation and am happy I did and would 100% say give it a try.

Now for the main event, the food. Before I even went I had the OAKS special scotch eggs recommended to me (thanks Fiona) and although if you know me, you'll know egg scares me, I went for it and they were delicious, the soft quails egg inside a tasty, meaty shell works better than I could explain here. If you go for them, dip them in the mustard with a twist too as it is what some would call a taste sensation. For main course, after much deliberation, I went for the Angus Burger as I was keen to see how local produce held up, and Sally went for the Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken. I paired my burger, a little unconventionally with truffle mash, as I mean who can resist truffle and 'corn on the cob'. The burger was huge, juicy and light despite its size, the bun worked as a perfect casing without becoming messy and stogie but next time I think I will add some of the individually designed sauces to finish it off. The mash was delicious, but if I had the burger again I think I would go for chips, I would definitely have the truffle mash again though if I chose something such as the sea bass.

I think part of the OAKS experience is the unique way they cook and this is clear as he attentive staff check everything is good for you, I loved the way everything was cooked, but will chose something different next time purely because everything sounds so good, oh spoiler, this means I'm definitely returning so that speaks for itself.

Any midweek treat meal isn't complete without a desert, so of course we couldn't miss out on some of the locally sourced fresh ice cream. I can't say much about a devine bowl of ice cream other than don't miss out, everyone deserves a treat right?

OAKS manages to blend a romantic atmosphere perfect for date night, a fresh setting for a casual dinner with friends and a luxury setting for a special occasion around the impressive main table perfectly, especially as we move into the colder months, I could think of nothing better than this perfectly executed comfort food. If you're a midlander, this is a great way to enjoy a great meal while supporting a local, sustainable establishment and if you're visiting it is a destination to try what local food tastes like in Nottingham.

Don't you think this is a cool concept? What would you choose from the OAKS menu?

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