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by - May 16, 2015

If you want good food, ocean views, flowing drinks and music then there is nowhere better on the 'Golden Mile' than Trocadero Playa. I'm not talking flowing drink and music in a beach bar/club style, this place is full on class. Although it's hard to pick fault with a venue when there are blue skies and sunshine which help to mask just about anything, but I definitely recommend this place.

We actually stumbled across is walking along the beach one day and stopped for a drink. It was packed with locals with speaks volumes about how good a place actually is and the large white loungers surrounded by palm tree and the smell of delicious seafood and paella meant we couldn't resist coming back for food.

We booked a few days in advance and it was still really busy, I personally love it when somewhere is full, not only because it normally means it's pretty good, it also gives it a way better atmosphere. The staff were helpful and attentive, the measures of drinks are done by sight which is only a good thing and the food was amazing.

In no way is this a budget option, so it is best for a lavish lunch or an evening meal but if you're in the area, it is a must visit.

- Book in advance and ask to be seated on the 'front' with a sea view.
- Go for lunch and then move to the sun loungers on the sand after.
- If you go for dinner, head earlier for a walk along the beach first then enjoy sunset from your table.
- Get paella.

Do you agree food is so much better with a view? Have you been to the Golden Mile before?

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