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by - April 30, 2015

Last week Sal, my side kick/ever present blog character and I visited Owl House Day Spa to enjoy a relaxing pampering session in celebration of Sal's birthday. As soon as we journeyed up the picturesque drive way to the spa I knew we'd made a good choice. Set in the grounds of Langley Priory surrounded by 800 acres of beautiful countryside, Owl House is almost unbeatable in location whilst still being ridiculously well positioned for the whole Midlands.

On arrival Bonnie in reception welcomed us with a warm smile hooking us up with our locker key, which held our robes, slippers and towels to use for the day and sent us on through to the 'Owl's Nest'. We were met by a host who talked us through our treatments and brought us some welcome drinks. We finished our drinks and were given a tour by Lindsey (I think).We were then free to go and enjoy the facilities.

Mostly outdoors, the relaxation areas are beautiful. small, quaint and very true to the English countryside, there is a hot tub, where by the way you can arrange to have prosecco meet you, it is so nice I imagine even if it were to rain it would still be nice to sit in under the awning. The main courtyard also has sun loungers, bean bags, seating areas and a mini treatment room to the left of the garden to enjoy quick little treats throughout the day. If you are in a bigger group or just prefer some privacy, the garden is also lined with summer houses where you could relax or shelter during the colder months. 

After a dip in the hot tub, our picnic was delivered to us. We chose to sit at one of tables in the courtyard with our 'Soup-er' Picnic which was delicious, menus change seasonally so I'm sure something equally tasty is available now. My favourite thing about the whole lunch, well apart from the ridiculously cute picnic basket, was the little owl chocolates, I'm a sucker for anything small and cute like that and the little touches make all the difference. They also tasted delicious. 

After lunch it was time for our 'Pig in Mud' treatment, I had no idea what to expect and it was very different to anything I could have taken from the name. You sit in a steam chamber where the therapist has left a jar of scrub for you and you're left to relax for 25 minutes. You massage the scrub into your skin until it turns to oil and you're left silky smooth, if there are two of you as you can do a little massage at the same time, the treatment finishes with a 'tropical shower' to get rid of all the scrub before you leave. When you come out you feel so, good. A combination of refreshed, relaxed and very, very soft, like seriously you will just keep stroking your skin.

For our main treatment we chose the 'Signature Massage with Hot Stones' and my goodness, it was incredible, in fact one of the best massages I've ever had. My therapist was called Tacha and I would definitely recommend. Hot stones are my favourite type of massage as I have really sensitive back muscles so the heat allows the muscles to relax and loosen without having to use too much pressure. When the treatment ended we were given some essential oils to inhale and a drink of cold water. We were so relaxed we were almost asleep, it was amazing, however the therapist had to actually tell us to get dressed after a while as we were so zoned out we didn't realise the time and another person was waiting, woops.

At the end of the day we had had such a nice time with we actually re-booked there and then. Oh and yes, apparently I can't be taken anywhere as, in a quiet moment in the garden the urge to jump into the inviting pile of bean bags was too much to resist.

Have you ever been to a spa? What is your favourite spa treatment?

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