Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Byron Burger, York | lifestyle

I have wanted to try Byron Burger for ages now. Although I very rarely choose a burger, especially in England I had heard such rave reviews I knew I had to check it out and if it isn't already clear through everything I do online, I am always up for anything slightly American. On my recent trip up to York I came across a Byron and knew this was my chance, the reason it's taken me so long to try is because there isn't a Byron Burger restaurant in my city and now after my visit that is a problem.

The decor reminds me of the Southern USA, wooden chairs, tiled floors, open industrial kitchen, think Pinterest kitchens and you can imagine the decor. The one in York, like everything in this cute city is small but I like it that way, it means even on quite days there is a nice atmosphere.

Now for the food, actually, now for the milkshakes. Before my visit I hadn't really heard much about the milkshakes but was told I needed to order one and wow, it was amazing. I would suggest sharing as they are huge or even have one as a dessert, but definitely, definitely try one. For the food, I went with the classic Byron Burger, when in Rome and all that. It was bacony, cheesy, burger goodness with the necessary salad, even the bun was delicious, there was also a sauce which I imagine they keep a secret but it tops it off amazingly. I am not exaggerating, although I have a tendency to do so, when I say this is the best burger I have ever eaten in the UK and top 5 I have ever eaten. In addition I also shared some fires and onion rings, but seriously everything is so filling you don't need them if you didn't want.

It's hard to translate how delicious food like this is, because it's not 'pretty' food it's just good, hearty, mouth watering food. If I didn't order burgers in this country much before I definitely won't now. unless that is it's at Byron and I have infact been craving one ever since and am contemplating starting a petition #BringByronToNotts anyone with me?

+ In the York branch, sit at the back of the restaurant it's bright and airy.
+ The staff in York are great at suggestions.
+ Don't mess with the burgers, they're put together for a reason (deliciousness)
+ Save room for a Milkshake.

Have you been to Byron before? Where is your favourite comfort food?

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PS - These photos though, am I right? I was with family and wasn't planning on blogging so forgive the poor quality.

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  1. I actually went to the York branch of Byron last month too haha! :) their burgers are great, but Five Guys is still top of the list for me!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog