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by - March 10, 2015

Located just east of Marbella we stumbled across this absolute gem, We were looking for somewhere to relax by the beach all day, get some food and with a bit of atmosphere when we just happened to follow a road down to the beach and find El Laurel, nestled in a predominately 'locals' area.

Even in the middle of the week off season this place was bustling with people, huge groups of Spanish people enjoying feasts, couples securing a spot to enjoy the sun before the evenings sunset but most importantly, in one of the Brit's favourite tourist spots we were the only ones there. I think this is due to the spot being hidden from any main routes and lack of the usual huge road signs promoting it's position.

Apart from a few privileged position houses, there is nothing for miles of  gorgeous coastline. You could walk all the way back to Marbella along the beach if you don't have a car and make it the place to rest after your stroll before heading back, it's also in a great place if you're staying in Mijas if you walk west along the beach you will come across it. This gives it a unique feel that the usual, although beautiful, beach restaurants, it has the secluded feel that is what being at the beach is all about.

After a small wait, we managed to get a table, or suntrap as it turned out to be where we enjoyed drinks in between strolls along the beach and daring to dip our toes in the freezing winter Alboran Sea. As lovely as it is to sip away on a jug on sangria I challenge you not to be tempted into a paella once you see them pass by. We definitely were, and after finding such a prime spot we were not in a rush to leave either, so we gave in ordered some paella and relaxed until sunset.

As cliché as it may be, sunsets are one of my favourite things ever, I have a reputation for being a bit of a thinker anyway, but something about a ocean and a sunset I can't help but reflect on the day and feel very grateful and this couldn't be a more perfect spot. The contrast between the beach and the mountains and the lack of street lights made it one of the best sunsets on the trip and I even found this little lifeguard tower to get the best possible view.

+ Book in advance
+ Ask for seating outside
+ Make a day of it
+ Stay until sunset
+ Get paella
+ Sample the sorbet

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