Friday, 27 March 2015

#BloggerPeterParty, PETER LEICESTER | lifestyle

Last week I went to the #BloggerPeterParty hosted by the beautiful 'Tales of Annie Bean' in collaborations with PETER. It has been what some may call a 'hot minute' since I last got the chance to meet new blogging lovelies as well as hang out with some beauties I already know, so when I saw of Annie's event I was really excited to be involved.

It was a different kind of event to most I have been to before. It was in the evening and all centered around enjoying each others company, chatting, networking and maybe a few brands being among all that, while also enjoying delicious food of course too. I loved this set up, it was really like going out for dinner and meeting and getting to chat to lots of friendly new people. It was nice to relax, talk about our blogs, but also just talk. I love the blogging community and it is amazing to meet people who understand so much of what you do, however it is great to turn those friendships into friendships that stand alone from blogging too.

We all sat a round a few huge tables with more food than I have seen in a long time. Starting with a delicious selection of meats, olives, cheese and bruschettas. We then were given the option to trial everyone of the unique sourdough pizzas on the menu at PETER. My favourites and what I will definitely be ordering on my next visit are, Smoked Mozzarella, Pepper, Courgette and Mushroom, and Tomato, Black Truffle, Rocket Leaves and Parmesan, infact writing this is making me crave them.

We also had the chance while eating to chat with some great local businesses or who I will soon be visiting, so posts featuring them will be coming later. Once our food had gone down myself and Sal, my ever present event sidekick, were given a tour of the whole PETER building. Downstairs features a cool restaurant area with open kitchen and lots of atmosphere, as well as one of the coolest entrances to a restaurant I've ever seen, including a little nod to recently found King Richard III. Moving upstairs past the awesome little touches such as the social media information painted on the walls in random spots, are a huge games room, the extension to the restaurant where we ate and a private dining/party room that is available for hire.

The decor throughout the whole building is insane, in the best possible way. On walking around I said a million times I wanted to designer, who happens to also be the owner, to come and design my house. Not one corner is left out, the ceiling sees action men and barbie on zip lines between vintage light fittings, including a special appearance from Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball, the games rooms hosts a huge mural from local artists, the private dining room included a wall installation from local Leicester Uni students and every wall, light, chair, fitting is unique. A special mention has to go to the bathrooms too, I don't want to tell you why, because I don't want to ruin the surprise, but they are definitely different.

Thank you so much Annie for hosting such a perfect event, I met lots of lovely ladies, shout out to Annie, Nancy, Sal and Anna and am looking forward to hopefully seeing them again soon and thank you to all the bloggers for being so friendly, which is so important in our community if you ask me. 

Have you been to PETER yet? What do you think to the decor?

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