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by - February 16, 2015

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Christmas in Puerto Banus

 Puerto Banus has been one of my favourite destinations for years, I first went when I was about 14 and I fell in love with the bubble that you escape to when you visit this little haven on the Costa Del Sol. Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for people from the UK and worldwide, but don't let the stories of sections of the coastline being interrupted by tower blocks put you off as Puerto Banus has managed to escape this.

Instead, just a short drive down from the main road through the mountains, you will find the main square where you can park and head up to explore markets all year road full of little trinkets, art pieces and other things you normally only treat yourself to when you're away. At the heart of the marble square is a fountain which is a great spot to have an ice cream and people watch and decide which one of the many amazing shops you want to visit.

Although right on the ocean with gorgeous beaches and definitely the opportunity to have a beach retreat, Puerto Banus also offers a lot of what you would expect from a city break. The city is like the Monaco of the Costa Del Sol, part of the appeal is the beautiful shops open all hours, the super cars and the yachts so embrace it and see this as exploring local culture, because in the bubble of Puerto, this is the culture.

The marina front is reserved for the best shops where you will find Tom Ford, Cartier and Carolina Herrera, a girl can dream. If you're less about the shopping do a little more people watching, one of the most fun activities in Puerto Banus and keep score of how many times the same car circles the waterfront showing off his new wheels.

After enjoying some drinks and a bite to eat in the gorgeous Spanish sun down in the heart of the marina, the walk around the rest of the harbour is just a beautiful opening out to bays right out across as far as Africa in the distance.

As you go around the corner the mood changes from city break to a luxurious beach area, where there is no better place to read, relax and watch the sunset, all while being waited on in one of the lovely restaurants with tables right out to the sand.

It may be pricey, a little pretentious and you're not going to experience many great profound monuments from history, but Puerto Banus is amazing for a day in beautiful sunshine, blue skies, gorgeous buildings and beaches and just feeling pretty pampered.

Have you been to Puerto before? How do you feel about days like this incorporated into your travels?

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