Monday, 2 February 2015

Pilot, Poultry&Prosecco | lifestyle

There's a new kid in town and it's name is Pilot. In recent months Nottingham's Hockley and Lace Market areas have appeared to explode with new independent restaurants and bars. Going out to eat with friends is one of my favourite ways to socialise and spend the weekend so I couldn't be happier, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming, so here is what Pilot has to offer.

The tag line is 'Poultry and Prosseco' and it pretty much does what is says on the tin. A little something that Pilot does a differently is prosseco on tap, it's a way to feel classy whilst maybe reliving the student life all at the same time which lets be honest is all we're doing in our twenties. If you don't fancy heading down the slippery slope that is prosseco on tap, then you can also buy it buy the bottle or do what I actually did this visit and try out something else from the drinks menu, although I'm pretty sure my friends would say have the prosseco, it's the whole point after all.

I did however sample some poultry and it was delicious. I believe the menu began just offering chicken and sides, with a limited selection of pizza, this has since expanded and along with a large selections of chicken, there are platters, pizza, sandwich and even a take on the Sunday roast, something I am definitely going back to sample. 

Viki (the blonde) and I decided to share a pizza, a side and half a chicken so we could taste a bit more of what was on offer and I can honestly say the chicken was some of the best I've ever had, we chose the Lemon, fennel, rosemary, honey & balsamic glazed' option, it is clear why Pilot chose to market itself on the prowess of it's chicken and it's not just all talk, along with the sweet potato fries. I will say though I wasn't a huge fan of the pizza, but maybe we chose wrong, we went for the Goat's Cheese and Honey one, I understand they obviously wanted to expand the menu to appeal to a larger audience but the strengths definitely lie in chicken and drinks.

+ Ask for a window seat
+ The amazing PA guy takes requests for songs but don't tell him we told you
+ Stick to chicken and lots of it
+ Ask the staff for recommendations
+ Try the prosseco on tap, just because

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  1. Lovely post.
    Im going to have to go and try it out I think ... plus its really made me hungry right now.

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes definitely try it out and let me know what you think! I know, I get hungry every time I write a food post,

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x