A Tale of 5 days in Vegas | travel

by - February 13, 2015

WARNING: Photo heavy, poor quality broken iPhone shots thrown in, lots of fun, candid shots and junk food. The real Vegas experience.

The last post from this trip around the USA, hopefully it won't be too long until the next trip but it only seemed fitting to finish off this round of America posts with a crazy 5 day run down from Vegas, how we saw out this trip & how I advise you spend some time in Vegas.

1 - Take in the calm before the storm of the beautiful desert as you drive to Vegas.
2 - Start to get excited as the bright lights come out of nowhere.
3 - Drop your bags, get ready and hit the casino floor.
4 - Attempt to quit while your ahead and celebrate small victories (The slip in the photo is 80 cents).
5 - Be sloppy as heck and order pizza to your room at 6.45 am.
6 - See the sunrise as you eat room service.
7 - Hide behind sunglasses and enjoy the pool pretending you feel fresh as a daisy.
8 - Admit defeat and order room service, watch the Kardashians and drink water in your messy hotel room.
9 - Wake up fresh for another day pool side.
10 - Get your mojo back and get ready for another night out.
11 - Go to another hotel to see what they have to offer, such as views that are better than the one from your own room.
12 - Meet some random Aussie's and get convinced Marquee is a good idea.
13 - Do the girlie thing and get pictures taken in the bathroom of the club before you look too bad.
14 - Feel overwhelmed for a minute and decided whether you want house or R&B.
15 - Let yourself go and dance like a fool.
16 - Take disheveled looking snapchats in front of classic Vegas sights.
17 - Take a break on the roof terrance and take weird selfies.
18 - Relax by the pool for another day in the desert.
19 - Stop pretending you like healthy food and order comfort on a plate.
20 - Head out to take in the amazing sight that is Vegas at night, see the hotels and the show at the Bellagio fountains and enjoy a city that is most beautiful in the dark. Also, outdoor escalators.
21 - Enjoy the free street shows.
22 - Try to show the scale of things by posing awkwardly in the corner of photos.
23 - Pretend there are no clouds and refresh with some sugary goodness by the pool.
24 - Get ready and head to a Vegas institution, a buffet like no other.
25 - Realise you've eaten so much junk over the last few days you don't know what to do with yourself.
26 - Walk it off and get early to the street side volcano show at The Mirage to get a front row view.
27 - Be amazed at how awesome everything is in this crazy town.
28 - Catch a plane, have the engine break on take off but arrive safely in London 11 hours later.

It was a crazy, crazy way to end our trip and I loved every minute of it.

Have you ever been to Vegas? Did you party, do the tourist things or a mix of both?

Until next time,



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