Sunday, 1 February 2015

2015 Goals, Progress Check | lifestyle

It's nearly February even if I can't quite believe it, so it seems like the perfect time to assess how the 2015 goals are coming. We all start the year with great intensions, enthusiasm and excitement, somehow that strike of midnight gives us a new wind to change everything we feel have been our failures in years previous or achieve completely new goals or dreams for the future.

Unfortunately far too often, the dark nights of January like to try and take that enthusiasm away so this year I decided I was going to try a few tips and tricks to motivate me throughout the whole year and remind me exactly what I wanted to do when I was filled with that new year eagerness. I chose to do a vision board, actually use some of my many notebooks and surround myself with motivational quotes in all forms, including on pretty things like this yellow leather pouch that I'm obsessed with.

Obviously so many different things work for different people, but having visual reminders all over is a great way to just keep you on track, they don't have to be related directly to each goal, but every time I see one of the positive quotes it reminds me of that fresh outlook. I think however, I am going to move my vision board because I am pretty happy with how my goals are going but I know time is going to fly so want to make sure progress is being made and I admit I have to keep going over to look at it at the moment to remember exactly what I said.

You may not want this all over your house and sometimes vision boards can be a little personal so keeping them in an area like an office or workspace is perfect I found. It's where you spend a lot of time and often where you're searching for most inspiration so it is another great way of getting the brain going and maybe aligning your work with your goals.

I would rate my progress a slow but steady 4/10 for January, but we're just getting started so hoping to improve throughout the year.

How are your new years resolutions and goals going? What are you favourite ways to stay motivated past January?

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*The quotes and printables shown in this post are free and can be found on my Pinterest board 'Make'.


  1. Such a inspirational post! Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for reading,

      Mel x