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by - January 29, 2015

The last leg of our American adventure saw us land in every adults favourite playground, Las Vegas. We drove from L.A at night so we could enjoy the amazing approach when you see the wall of light appear from the desert, even if you only stay for a meal as part of your journey, that approach is something seriously special and something I highly recommend. We decided to stay a little longer than dinner and have 5 days of pure relaxation and 5 nights of completely the opposite.

The place we chose to call home for our stay was The Mirage. We, as usual, did a lot of research before we landed on a decision and we ended up choosing The Mirage for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's amazing central location on The Strip, it's in the heart of everything and although you may think walking just a few hotels away isn't a big deal, everything is bigger in Vegas and just passing two hotels could take you 20 minutes. Secondly, I had stayed at Treasure Island when I was younger and knew The Mirage was kind of the bigger sister of T.I and had heard all about how amazing the pool was and in 100 degrees an amazing pool is a top priority. We were definitely looking for a pool that had atmosphere but also one where you would be able to relax and get away from the party if you wanted to which is just what The Mirage does. It has long been one of the most famous pools on the strip but with the new players in town and the introduction on the new adult only 'Bare' pool you can enjoy down time there too.

Another important factor for us was a great casino, lots of restaurants and a club on site, again this hotel ticked all the boxes for that one. It's not that we didn't want to venture out of the hotel, because we did but we knew at the end of the trip having everything at our fingertips would be amazing if we were feeling a little burnt out one day. 1OAK is the club at The Mirage which is a relatively new addition and hosts a lot of great artists and personalities so it can be expensive, mostly for guys, sorry about that. Finally we wanted a room great room, preferably with a view, with space but not with too big of a price tag.

We found The Mirage was the best bet to get everything we wanted and from the minute we arrived it definitely lived up to our expectations. The valet manage the mania that is the entry to a Vegas hotel and make managing three girls bags from 5 weeks of shopping very easy, making our arrival a lot easier than if we'd been going it alone. Once checked in, with all the tips and advice we could have wanted from out hilarious check in server, we made our way to our room along the crazy long corridors, seriously there is nothing like Vegas corridors, the hotels are just huge. 

We stayed in a Resort Queen looking over the huge glass dome in the reception I will admit, I think the best views on the strip are from Planet Hollywood and The Cosmopolitan purely because you can see the Bellagio Fountains but it was definitely not a bad view. We had two huge beds, a TV which comes in handy when you're hungover and loads of room to drop everything we had collected throughout the trip and reorganise before repacking. The beds were so comfortable, the bathroom did everything it was supposed to and the whole room was the perfect way to relax after all nighters or even take a mid day nap out of the sun. 

+ Get to the pool early, everything you need will be there for you, food, drink, towels but make sure you secure yourself a bed
+ Get room service, any hour of the day we tried it and it was worth every second wait
+ Ask the people on the casino floor for advice, they're really helpful and honest
+ Don't be afraid to chat to people on the tables
+ Make reservations in the restaurants
+ Join M Life
+ Watch the entire Volcano show from the street

Have you been to Vegas? Where did you stay?

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