Sunday, 11 January 2015

Malt Cross, A Review | lifestyle

Malt Cross set in the heart of Nottingham just off the main market square, has been a huge part of Nottingham’s social arena for generations. It's played a big part in the alternative scene and hosted many gigs and events, due to costs, keeping the huge venue running at its full capacity became too much and areas were forced to close to focus on the main bar. Well in October 2014 Malt Cross reopened after undergoing huge renovations to bring the venue to all its glory, made possible by a grant from the National Lottery. The space now covers 4 floors all used for different purposes and events, including a relaxed coffee with friends, an after work beer, a delicious lunch, art exhibitions and music events.

Having said all that, after nearly monthly visits Nottingham for the last 23 yrs I didn't get to visit Malt Cross until a couple of weeks ago. Bec, who has featured in many previous blog posts, and I decided to make the most of our unconventional working schedules and be ladies who lunch and see what all of the fuss was about.

The decor was not what I expected, the busy traditional bar with modern touches covers the ground floor lined with booths for those wanting to enjoy a drink and take the weight of their feet, while it looks fresh and clean the renovation hasn't made the venue loose any charm, whilst upstairs where we sat down has an almost parisian feel whilst delicate dark wood furniture.

The menu is simple, you choose a filling, a base, toppings and then sides, it is all the same price no matter how many toppings you have and at a perfect £6.00 price point for those looking for a budget conscious bite or if you're feeling a little more flush, try a few of the delicious sides too.

The food is simple but amazing, they have a range of options to suit all diets including, vegetarian and gluten free. We both went for gluten free Rye bread which is probably one of the most filling things I’ve eaten along with unlimited toppings, delicious salad and crunchy fries we were left more than satisfied.

+ Prices are great.
+ Food filling and brilliant value.
+ Service, laidback and friendly.
+ Atmosphere, welcoming.
+ Sit upstairs looking over the balcony.
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  1. Looks so yummy =] You know what I would tick =]

    1. Yes! It was so yummy, lets go one day!

      Mwah xx

  2. What a cute little spot! Everything looks delish!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

    1. I know, such a good find! Thanks for reading,

      Mel x

  3. Your blog is honestly so amazing! Such high quality photos and very detailed, descriptive writing. Definilty following!

    1. Thank you so much Georgia, that's so lovely to say! Thanks for reading lovely, look forward to seeing your monthly posts this year!

      Mel x

  4. Sounds awesome there, it's so good that it reopened! The food looks yummy!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog