Friday, 30 January 2015

Making a day of it, Birmingham | lifestyle

When you're busy either working, travelling or just generally feeling like you have so much to do whilst still not really being quite sure what, I tend to fall in the latter category, little things that could be quite fun can sometimes turn into a chore. Well this week in a series of things that needed to get done, me and my bestie decided to turn our errands into a fun girls day out.

My iPhone screen had smashed, shocking I know and there isn't a Apple Store where I live, Sal and I had also both been given Mac Vouchers for Christmas that we still hadn't got round to using so it was time to drop everything and just be silly for a day. We took the road trip down to Birmingham and managed not to get lost, which is a huge achievement as despite doing this very drive countless times over the last few years we, always, still end up driving in circles.

We lost ourselves in Selfridges, picked up my new phone, headed to our all time favourite lunch time treat, Wagamamas where girl chat, people watching and lots of food were enjoyed and (window) shopped our hearts out and ended the day by getting a makeover at Mac. The hour long session left me in awe of the MUA's blending skills but also relaxed and pampered. If you're in Birmingham and makeup shopping definitely go and see the girls on Canon Street, they are so lovely and will happily give you whatever makeup look you want, but I would book in advance because even mid week they get quite busy.

As we walked back to the car laughing our heads off I was so happy we had decided to treat ourselves and spend time together. The point is, I find we can convince ourselves so many things are more important than actually what makes us feel good and just taking one day can be so refreshing. Even if you love what you do (I really do) it can be a great way just to let loose, relax and feel recharged and motivated to get back to all the things you have to do. I encourage everyone to take a day like this when you think you have so many jobs to do you haven't got time for, turn them into a treat day.

What is your favourite way to unwind? What is your favourite thing about getting your makeup done?

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  1. Chicken Katsu Curry is my favourite pick at Wagamama too :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Oh my gosh, it's additive isn't it! Thanks so much for reading lovely,

      Mel x

  2. Gorgeous pictures that make me actually feel that I wander along all my favourite places in Birmingham. Shame we didn't get the chance to talk at the Gemini Press Day but hope to see you again and speak to you soon xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures