Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year | lifestyle

Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm a little late but I have just landed back in the UK from a whirlwind trip for some winter sun in the beautiful Spain, the above picture was in fact taken on New Years Eve on the trip sat admiring the beautiful views from where we spent our last day of 2014.

I hope you all had brilliant Holiday season and are excited for a new year. I always find this time of year a little odd, so much expectation to make a great change but really nothing feels like it has at times but it's a great time to kick start a fresh and I like to make goals rather than resolutions.

As for my blog, it's had a little face lift for the new year and a few more changes may come over the next month as I figure out how it works best and I will be finishing over the next two weeks all the posts from the end of last year so a few more American Adventures, a few restaurant reviews, a little more insight into Clothes Show Live 2014 and even a road trip to see Ben Howard. I also will be sharing my most recent travels with you, more of what I get up to week by week and hopefully sharing lots more fun things to do in the UK and abroad with the rest of the trips I make this year.

I am also going to make a vision board this year, I have seen/heard people make them and the success rate seems great, but I also think it would just be a great visual tool to keep checking in on throughout the year. I am hoping to use the SMART tool in making my goals and spread them from big dreams to little things like keeping my nails and eyebrows done at all times, superficial I know, but you've got to mix up the big and the more attainable.

I hope you all have a beautiful 2015, I'm excited for another year and I pray for love, health and happiness for everyone and myself.

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    I love the new cover photo !! =]

    1. Thanks babylove. I am very happy with it!

      Thanks for reading xx