Wednesday, 14 January 2015

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The actual fashion show is definitely my favourite part of going to Clothes Show Live, it never disappoints but always goes past far too quickly. I honestly feel like I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to be rather unsophisticated and shout encore if I was at one of the 5 minute long fashion week shows, but at CSL they bring dancers in, showcase multiple designers and tell a whole story all through a fashion show.

This years theme was New York, the show took us from Central Park to Wall Street, from Coney Island to The Hamptons and married each designer or line that is most appropriate with each borough. Of course it wasn't only the clothes that were going on a journey, the dancers were too. As much as I love exploring the pop up shops and meeting young designers, I can't stress enough how much I love this show, it's like a free concert within in the show. 

Not to brag but we seriously had the best seats in the house, in previous years I have bought the platinum package which means you are seated in the closest section to the stage which is amazing, because often the models run amongst you and for just a second you can see perfection up close. I have also been in the higher further back seating which is still pretty awesome because you can see everything, just not in as much detail, but this time we were front and centre, apart from a camera man who I may have been getting secretly pretty mad at for stepping in front of me but I cannot complain. I did see less of the clothes though because male models in HD is a big distraction.

The show was opened by girl group Neon Jungle who got the crowd going before a little giveaway hosted by Henry Holland which ended in a pretty excited lady getting to kiss one of the lead male models, all before we'd even seen a single collection. There's always a chance to go on stage at the start to interact with one of the famous hosts so if celeb spotting is your thing, Clothes Show Live is the place to go.

My favourite collection was the fur and sheep skin winter outerwear. I fail as a blogger because it all went so fast I didn't catch who's collection it was but I was in love, and unlike most things on the runway I would wear that stuff as is if I got the chance, even the men's stuff. British male model BB wore it perfectly.

The show went by in a flash even though it's actually almost an hour and there was so much to see I wanted to watch it all over again so I could take it all in, what is your favourite think about seeing the runway in real life?

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  1. Great blog post !! Great read :)

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    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it & thanks for reading.

      Mel x

  2. I love those swimsuits!! So cool! =] xx

    1. They're very you! We just need a beach to go to now!

      Mel x

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