Monday, 19 January 2015

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Just a couple of days before the concert, my beautiful friend let me know she had a spare ticket to the Ben Howard concert not too far from us, so we booked a hotel and planned a road trip to have a bit of much needed girl time. Ben Howard's first album was the soundtrack to my first year at University back in 2011 and ever since then he has been a 'go to' for me whenever I want something chilled out or to sing my heart out.

I hadn't heard too much of his new album but has coincidentally got it on my Deezer just a couple of days before so it was time to get some intense listening and singing along in time for the gig. We drove down to the Wolverhampton Civic Hall and joined the queue which was already wrapping round the street and braved the cold before being seated, randomly next to one of this years 'Britains Got Talent' finalists.

The show opened with one of the most unintentionally cool bands I have ever seen. A group of 4 men straight off the plane from North Carolina took to the stage to bring some country/folk to the concert, I am obsessed with country and folk music so I was sold and there American commentary made us feel like we were in a bar in Nashville or something, I loved it. They jammed out unashamedly and it was such a different choice to open up but I loved it.

It was time for Ben Howard after a short break and he appeared along with a pretty sizeable band, through the mist and darkness and went straight in no introduction and starting soothing us with those pipes. I love this time of gig so much for the fact it just falls silent, you don't even talk to or look at the person you go with for the most part, especially when the songs are less known and that's what Ben Howard chose to do. He created a slow build with the slower songs from his new album before mixing it up with a few singles.

He took a break and briefly acknowledged the audience without breaking too much of the atmosphere, however as much as I adore Ben Howard's music and voice, the show stopper of this gig was his right hand woman. A girl who danced, sang and played on a plethora of instruments throughout the entire gig, I don't know whether through the mood lighting she thought she couldn't be seen but I'm pretty sure 90% of us were watching he more than Ben and I she was awesome.

As the gig was coming to a close, there was noted absence of some of Ben Howard's most popular and famous songs, many of which are probably the reason the Civic Hall was so full, in the quiet moments the crowd began to shout out requests and in a brief break to engage he said 'I'm not very good at requests'. He caved and sang 'Gracious' which was beautiful and one of my favourite songs but as the gig ended and an anticipated encore didn't come through, it was obvious the crowd along with ourselves had mixed emotions having witnessed a great gig but feeling a little cheated.

Twitter was full of comments of how Ben conducted himself throughout other dates on the tour and unfortunately, because of it I wouldn't rush to see him again even though I love his music.

Have you seen Ben Howard before and how was your experience?

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  1. Great post and lovely photos! Love it!
    Carmen x

    1. Ah thank you! These photo's were a struggle from where I was sitting believe me so I appreciate it,

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x