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2014, A Review | lifestyle

January: My Brother became a Dr
February: Carew, Wales
March: Ox Pastures Hall Bloggers Luncheon and Scarborough Beach
April: Girls Weekend in The Cotswolds
June: Press for NoTomorrow Festival
San Francisco
Walnut Creek
Disneyland California
Venice Beach
Santa Monica
July: The O.C
Las Vegas
Annual Cavell BBQ
August: My Birthday
September: FABB Birmingham
October: Goosefair
Halloween Murder Mystery
November: Bonfire Night & Viks first day back in England
Viks Welcome Home Tea Party
December: Choosing the Christmas Tree
Clothes Show Live
Christmas Jumper and Movie Day
Christmas Day
Marbella, Puerto Banus and the last sunset of 2014

I've been inspired by so many beautiful posts I've read by some of my favourite bloggers all reflecting over 2014. It has encouraged me to do one for myself even though I thought I may have missed the boat but hey, it's still January so that's fine right? 

At the risk of sounding way older than I am, since I hit the age of 21 the years have just seemed to fly by. I, along with every other 20 something in the world, can often get quite bogged down in making sure I am making every moment count, doing big things and doing things that are going to help me progress, but in 2014 I finally dove head first into ticking off my list one of my biggest dreams and it was an amazing year.

Above are some of the biggest and or most fun parts of my year and I couldn't be more grateful but there was also so much more. I began the year by going from a News Editor to Editor-in-Chief at Platform Online. Carew, Wales was a great opportunity to see some of the beauty the UK has to offer with my amazing family. A girls weekend in The Cotswolds was just what we needed, we've all grown up, well kind of, but we live further apart, have conflicting work schedules and relationships that occupy the space we used to spend on girl time and sleepovers, so it was amazing to all go away and have an amazing girlie weekend together and log out for a few days. I got to take my best friend to the NoTomorrow festival with me and cover it, including meeting some of the awesome artists and getting some amazing views in the press pit and around the same time I was so excited to win 'Best News Contributor' at the Trent Media Awards.

In June I set off for the USA. Basically this whole post should be dedicated to this little part because I will never forget how I spent the summer of 2014. My Dad moved back to the UK from California when I was 13 and since then I have dreamt of returning to my home from home and this was the year. 

My amazing best friend Sally and I took the plunge, helped along by the fact another one of my beautiful best friends moved to Ohio in September 2013. It was one of the best summers of my life, I was reunited with my best friend after 8 months, I explored new places and visited old, got to see one of my closest friends hometowns that we have talked about for years, went on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel at midnight on the 4th July, stayed up all night in Vegas and made it home safely on a plane with broken engines. I am so grateful and for everything it taught me and for all the new adventures it has encouraged me to explore in the future.

The end of the year came with some crazy changes too, but along with having awesome times with my friends, including Viks moving back to England from Ohio and even with food poisoning (note makeup free shot) fulfilling our Bonfire night tradition, it marked a bold move and taking an opportunity with great people to help me learn and grown in my career, hopefully. Finally after a beautiful big family Christmas we flew to Spain for a week and I watched the last sunset of 2014 on some rocks in the ocean, amazing.

Things I've learnt from this post.

+ I have had an incredibly blessed year
+ I have amazing family and friends
+ I am grateful for the opportunities I have
+ I need to not get photographed in the same outfit so much
+ I am sticking with the ombré
+ I love exploring the world
+ Thank God for it all

Until next time,



Disclaimer: I hope this didn't sound boastful but I didn't even appreciate all the wonderful things I have been able to do until I started writing so had some word vomit. Thanks for reading.

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