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by - December 21, 2014

During out time in LA we had loads of restaurants we wanted to explore, one of them being The Warehouse. I had heard about it through blogs and vlogs before I even did any research to find it was the set of the 'Meet The Fockers' which is pretty cool and on visiting you can definitely tell why they chose it.

There is no effort spared on the decor inside or out, they clearly knew the theme they wanted and went for it. I love the outside area surrounded by water, perfect for it's Marina Del Rey location and lends to probably the best features of this restaurants the amazing back deck, which if you're making a reservation I would definitely recommend asking specifically for a table outside. As much as the inside is ridiculously cool, once I had checked out all the famous faces on the wall of fame and looked in the occasional fish tank, I don't know if I'd be crazy about eating inside, it is really old now, but the whole magic of The Warehouse is built on it's quirky look so I imagine they don't want to lose that.

The food, oh my goodness. We all went for the steak and I honestly couldn't think of anything better than a beautiful steak, perfectly cooked looking out as the sunsets over the marina, we paired it with some potatoes and asparagus all which were delicious. I mean it's hard to comment on a pretty common meal, but this was definitely the best of it's kind.

A nice little touch thrown in, that I feel comfortable at this point calling 'very warehouse', was a photographer than comes around offering a professional picture of you and your party. It's fun to have memories along the way and I am always up for a picture, so we went for it. She later returns with a miniature image on a commemorative postcard and asks if you'd like to buy the full size, we passed on this one but got to keep the post card so that was fun.


+ Prices are mid to high
+ Valet Parking complimentary
+ Staff amazingly friendly (Thank Roberto)
+ Setting is beautiful
+ Menu fantastic

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