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I was tagged by the gorgeous Beth from Birds Words to do the Christmas tag and I couldn't be more excited, I haven't done a tag post in a while and I absolutely love Christmas so this is pretty much a match made in heaven. I thought because I love Christmas so much, this would be the easiest tag in the world, but I think it actually made it harder as I couldn't choose. Anyway, lets get it to it.

What's your favourite Christmas movie/s?

All of my choices show my age completely, starting with my oldest Christmas favourite Miracle of 34th Street. I remember watching is for the first time at about 3 yrs old with my Nan who had loved the original, so when the remake came out in 1994 she was excited to show me, when I see it on T.V now it marks that Christmas has begun and fills me with all the warm fuzzies we should feel around the season. There are two other films which without watching them, I feel my Christmas just wouldn't be complete and they are The Holiday and Elf. I know, I know they're so very mainstream now but they came out in my teens and they will always have a special place in my heart. It's tradition now for me and my friends to watch Elf all together just before Christmas. 
Other notable mentions have to go to The Polar Express, Home Alone and Die Hard a tradition in our family.

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?

Christmas morning definitely. I haven't really even thought about doing it in the evening as ever since I was born that's the way we have done it. I know some people open them the night before on Christmas Eve, but we always had to wait for Santa to come and then we would rush down in the morning and see what had been left. I will say now we're older and family has moved away and joined other family we also have a gift at Christmas dinner, just so we can always open something with everyone. The evening in our house has always been about food, games and movies.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

This is so hard, for one thing I have the worst memory ever and get really sad that I can't remember specific moments from my childhood, but I have nothing but happy memories from Christmas time. I'm going to choose a memory, that we kind of still do and it wasn't one specific year, but playing Monopoly with my whole family. Bless the adults because we used to play the junior version, but I love this memory because it was just spending time together, was always fun and I truly used to believe I was buying the things on the board, which just reminds me of the magic of Christmas too.

What's your favourite festive food?

Stuffing. No question, no doubt stuffing. We only ever have it at home at Christmas and the kind we have is like no stuffing you get in restaurants. My Nan started the tradition and I have since taken over her recipe, the crunchier the better, ooo my mouth is watering now.

What's been your favourite Christmas gift?

Gifts that are either homemade or really thoughtful are always my favourite gifts and because of that, there is always one gift each year that is the best for that year now matter how big or small, for example, in 2008 my best friend bought me tickets to see Chris Brown, something I had been harping on about for months and was totally unexpected and I was so, so happy, before he went all 'C Brezzy on us that it. Last Christmas my Mum bought me some Lonely Planet guides for the places I was visiting this year and that meant a lot to me because it was her giving her blessing and they would also be super useful. As a child my Mamas&Papas pushchair was hands down my favourite gift, I remember that day very clearly and in recent years probably my iPad because again it was a surprise and I use it everyday so I am very grateful for that.

What's your favourite Christmas scent?

Baking. Walking into a house filled with that warm smell of home-baking is the most comforting, welcoming thing in the world. It reminds me of my family and I just love it.

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

We always go out with my Great Aunt and Uncle, then come home and play games together and just dedicate it to family. Oh and of course new Christmas PJ's!

What tops your tree?

An Angel, I must say I prefer the look of a star on top of the tree, but we've always had an Angel in our house so we're sticking with that for now.

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?

A pony probably, I know that is so typical but it really is true. Like I said earlier I genuinely used to think I was purchasing whatever was on the monopoly board and because we played the kids version, that was ponies, rides and candy stands and every Christmas I would fight to buy the pony. On reflection I am so glad my parents never caved because I would have not liked the 5am wake up calls at all.

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

Family. We all live in different parts of the country, city or world throughout the year and work takes over but at Christmas everyone writes everything else off and comes together and I love that.

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That ended up so much longer than I thought it would be, I hope you enjoyed and Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Feliz Navidad.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your answers Mel! Oh my goodness i forgot about stuffing!! Always tastes better at christmas in my opinion! The pony thing made me laugh too - mine was always a donkey for some reason!! xx

    1. Thanks lovely, how could you forget stuffing! Hope you had an amazing Christmas xx