Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Choosing the perfect Christmas Tree | lifestyle

Merry Christmas Eve everyone, I can't believe it's here, so many festive posts planned and the night St Nic heads down our Chimney is already here, so I've decided to share just one and maybe one of my favourite things to do over the festive season, something that takes us back to the start of the holiday, picking out a Christmas tree.

When I was little, I remember the Christmas tree somehow just magically arriving into the living room window with Christmas songs already playing and the baubles unwrapped. Even back then I would sneak the ornaments I didn't like to the back or put them back into the box, so naturally now I am older I have turned getting my Christmas tree into a full event.

It started a few years ago when my Dad though it would be hilarious to buy the biggest Christmas tree he could find, without even telling anyone he was going to get one, no complaints here as at Christmas, I think we can agree bigger is better, it was then we found a new little Christmas tree place where we have visited ever since.

We go as a trio, my Dad, my Grandad and myself, there is always banter about how Grandad doesn't really want to be there, yet really he wouldn't miss it for the world and then the selection begins. Dad is on a mission, Grandad just plucks at anything within the right size wheelhouse to try and get us to make a decision as fast as possible and I become quality control, inspecting every tree to see if it makes the cut.

We do a lot of holding, standing back, turning it etc then 99% of the time dropping it back on the heap because after thinking we'd found the one, I spot a rogue brown branch in the middle of the tree. Every year we also somehow manage to go with a size in our head and come back with one two foot taller, this year we actually had to chop the top off to get it in position when we got home, but it's all part of the fun.

As much as it sounds like an ordeal, it's all part of the fun, much like choosing a pumpkin and our little tradition really marks the start of Christmas for me now and it's not often I get to hang out with just my Dad and Grandad either which makes it even better.

Pro tips.

+ Make sure it isn't dry underneath already
+ Check you are getting the kind that drops the least needles
+ Account for loosing and inch of the trunk and whether it will still reach the water
+ Run your hands of the needles and see if they fall, that means its already drying out
+ Stand back and see how even it is or if there is a flatter side depending on what space you're putting it in
+ Press down the branches to check there will be no blank space when it drops and has ornaments on it

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and Happy, healthy New Year,

Until next time,




  1. Such a great tree =] You made a good choice !

    1. Thank you best friend, I did love our tree!

      Mel xx