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by - November 30, 2014


On our first night in L.A we decided to head up to The Griffith Observatory, I have always wanted to go up there and see what all the hype was about and after a day tanning on the beach it seemed like the perfect relaxed evening to mark the start of our time in L.A. 

Little did we know, sunset on a Saturday night makes the perfect time for every other person in the city to also head up through Griffith Park. I was adamant we were not going to miss sunset by walking up the hill so we fought through the crowds and luckily secured a spot just outside the main parking area so we were very lucky, we walked around the hill and up to the observatory but the views along the way were beautiful enough.

As we headed straight from the beach I didn't have my DSLR with me so I wasn't able to get a picture, but the Hollywood sign is right behind you and it's cool to see it through the darkness. You can rarely see the Hollywood sign at night as it doesn't light up and apparently never will to try and avoid even more traffic up the hills at night time. Griffith Park itself is beautiful too, it's a little oasis above the city and is very peaceful despite the hundreds of people trying to get the best view of the city below.

The Observatory itself is absolutely stunning, you can't grasp the enormity of it until you see hundreds of people just disappear on its roof. As the darkness sets it the people disperse so you can relax and really enjoy the view, after spending weeks looking at maps of L.A before our visit it was fun to look out for streets or districts we thought we knew. We found on the left side of the roof it was quiet and much to the securities disgust, we climbed up on one of the walls which gave the best view of the city.

I am so happy we went up at night because I think in the day streets could get lost, even though it would still be stunning. I also am kicking myself still that I didn't have my proper camera to capture it for everyone else, but I'll no doubt be back soon and I will be prepared.


+ Avoid weekends if you want to avoid crowds
+ If you are there over the weekend, don't risk leaving it until the last minute as parking is tricky
+ Carefully and I emphasise, carefully sit on the walls on the roof to relax and take in the views
+ Spend time there, don't just see it and leave
+ Enjoy a drink in the café to the right of the observatory as that offers great views over the park too

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