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Rocket at Saltwater, A restaurant review | lifestyle*

Tonight I was invited to enjoy a meal at Rocket@Saltwater in Nottingham. When ever I am in Nottingham, especially over the summer, this rooftop beauty is always on my list of places to visit, so with the recent remodel, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

First of all, this Bar and Restaurant has one of the most unique spots in the city. In the heart of the Trinity district placed on the third floor of the Cornerhouse, its not only right in the middle of the city, but also above it meaning when the weather is good, you can enjoy amazing views over Nottingham, day and night.

You enter the restaurant through the lounge and then the main bar, leading to a more private, quiet but just as unique seated restaurant area. The soft lighting, earth tones and warm environment make for a lovely spot to settle in for a night of great food and drinks. The menu has recently been reworked and it offers a very Americanised selection, from pizza, burgers and steak to burritos and salad, the choice isn't huge but I'm sure there would be something for everyone on the menu and it still took me a while to decide.

We started by sampling some of the Cocktails on offer. Honestly, this is my favourite thing about Rocket@Saltwater aside from it's setting, I have rarely eaten here before this evening, but the cocktails are really irresistible. Along with the Americanised menu, the cocktails come from a background across the pond too, the birth of 'the cocktail' comes from a San Franciscan named Bill Boothby, a bartender who created these concoctions and birthed the whole concept, because of this, Saltwater allows it's own bartenders some creativity and in turn creates some of the most individual and tasty cocktails around.

We went for a Sunrise Mojito and a Naked G&T which were both ridiculously delicious, as it was a school night we opted for the virgin options, but something in them still made us a little crazy as you can see from our beautiful faces above. I always like to include the mandatory, we're actually super unsophisticated shots to blur any allusion that may come from these posts. For food, I opted for the Coconut Dusted King Prawns and Sally went for Pulled Pork Bon Bons, which I would liken to a pulled pork arancini, both were delicious and I would say for a lighter option you could definitely share the Bon Bons as they're pretty filling. 

The main course was a Chicken Burrito for myself and Pizza with Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayo for Sal, it may not sound too exciting but if you're craving some West Coast goodness like I was this will hit the spot. Neither of us completely finished the dishes as they are so filling, but that doesn't mean they weren't equally tasty. Even though we were pretty full we couldn't pass up the chance to sample the dessert menu and if I'm completely honest, if you were in any doubt about the meal, this seals the deal, the Chocolate Nemesis Cake which we shared was honestly one of the best Chocolate desserts I've ever tasted. If I were you, I would head down if only for this on the side of a cocktail.

After the meal we couldn't leave without a trip outside to the amazing patio, even in the rain it looked inviting, but having straightened my hair it wasn't long before we were back inside, after a few instagram shots of course, to the lounge bar toward the front door. I absolutely love the decor in this area, as you can see the bar is surrounded by vintage draws and liquor, it's a great spot on a night out to bag a seat to rest the feet from heels or to relax with a drink on the colder nights after your lovely meal.


+ Service was great
+ Prices are on the higher end of average for Nottingham, average for London
+ Food, you can expect to always feel satisfied
+ Atmosphere, unbeatable

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