Sunday, 9 November 2014

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At 23, planning what to do for Halloween was a bit of a task for me and my friends this year. We're split up all over the country and in fact, world at the moment for work, studies or just travel and it's very rare we get to all be together, we knew we wanted to do something fun, because if you couldn't tell from my build up, I love Halloween, but not only that, it's a great excuse to bring everyone home.

 A night out just didn't seem the way to do it for a rare occasion when we could all get together and with the last 5 year having been spent with most of us away at Uni over Halloween, we wanted something that meant we could still dress up and get into the Halloween spirit together.

I decided to host a murder mystery at my house. I went a little bit crazy and decorated my porch and all around the table and put all the lights out to set the scene of a Hollywood Mansion in the Hills, where the night before, someone was found in the pool. This was the theme of the game I bought, 'The Red Rose Murders' you can get loads of different ones from John Lewis and Amazon and they are so fun. We all came as our characters, a few I have put above and although only 7 out of about 12 of us could make it, it was such a fun night.

I really recommend doing one, they're a perfect bridge between a party and a less entertaining dinner party, we laughed so much and everyone played a pretty hilarious part.

Here is the game we used: Red Rose, I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and who knows, next year where in the world we'll all be and maybe we'll just want a good old night out again.

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  1. What a good idea, I have always wanted to do a murder mystery! You all looked awesome!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh you should definitely do it, I would say do it with people who are gonna go all in because it makes it so much more fun, but it's so good.

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel xx