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by - November 10, 2014

As part of our trip around America, we decided to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Neither of us like flying that much, which when wanting to travel the world can be annoying, so when there is an opportunity to drive it's mostly the option we'd take, however, we didn't have as much time as we would have loved so we took to i5 instead of the Pacific Coast i1 road as it cuts the time in half, but it does come at a little bit of a price.

To break up the drive we decided to split it in half, each driving one so the other one could enjoy the views and relax. Sal took the early shift as I would always rather do anything in the evening usually and it went really well, no real traffic, no getting lost, beautiful blue sky and just one quick stop about 2 hours in to a Gas Station in the middle of nowhere. Which, by the way is one of my favourite parts of these trips, you never know what you're walking into, this one came with a attendant without teeth and a fierce hatred of Obama which was an interesting conversation for the road. 

Within about 30 minutes of leaving the Bay we were rolling through the boiling hot, open road with just the occasional mountain and lots and lots of dried out crops to keep us company, it was beautiful and very peaceful but this is truly all you'll see on this drive, this is the down side to taking the fast route. If you take the 1 you have endless breathtaking views, coastline and bridges to keep you company but I advise setting a few days aside to journey down this route as it really is beautiful, but if you're short of time, the 5 is great.

After a smooth, hilarious and easy ride, including a stop in what felt like the hottest place on earth for lunch, that incidentally had ran out of ice, we hit the LA traffic which after a day in the car had mixed feelings of excitement for the home stretch and longing for that open road/our beds once again.


+ Be comfortable, as you can see I rocked the most socially unacceptable look as we all know thats the most comfortable
+ Take lots of water, the rule is a litre per person plus one for the car
+ Keep a blanket or jackets in the car just incase
+ Check the tyres before you set off
+ Take a neck pillow to make the most of the times you're not actually the driver
+ Have a playlist prepared with at least a couple of hours of songs so you don't get bored of the radio too soon
+ Turn your air-con off when they tell you to, don't burn out in the middle of the valley
+ Never let your Gas/Petrol go below 1/4, you never know where the next gas stop will be
+ Have a positive attitude toward being in the car all day
+ Plan stops, as few as possible and stick to them
+ Split the drive and plan to swap over a meal break
+ Enjoy the views
+ Have fun

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*The pictures in this post were iPhone quality, as we were driving for this trip I stupidly left my camera packed so that is why they are not the usual standard.

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