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by - October 24, 2014

The Trident is a little gem of Sausalito, it sits in pride of place as the first restaurant you see stood out into the Bay as you drive or cycle down towards to main town from San Francisco, as well as an iconic spot on the ocean front as you approach by boat.

It's full of history which is evident the moment you walk in from the decor, pictures on the walls and the slightly more mature host full of old American charm. The real beauty of this classic, NorCal spot though is the Patio.

In contrast to the slightly dated but loveable interior the Patio takes you straight to the 21st Century, the bright clean, modern decking is the perfect frame for the unparalleled views back across the Bay and of the City.

It is a sun trap in spots but there is plenty of space to be in the shade if you want a break from the North Bay sun, and is placed perfectly to see the sun go down over the City, they even have some seriously powerful heaters to allow you to dine al fresco even on the cooler evenings. 

We had cycled for 8 hours all across San Francisco and the bay, we had caught maybe a little too much sun sending us into that delusional state of happiness, but we were definitely ready for some food too.

I would say the food is really good. It isn't life changing, but you're hear for the view and relaxing experience of Sausalito. There is a great selection on the menu and obviously a great choice of fresh seafood, but I think the location out ways this even though it is pretty good.

When you cycle with Blazing Saddles you get a coupon for a free appetiser, which for a seafood lover is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some Calamari on the house.

For main, we all went for Fish and Chips, could we be more cliché Brits? It was just what we needed to fill us up though as was delicious, the fish was just the fish of the day which happened to be Mahi Mahi on the day we visited. Of course we couldn't resist a dessert either and felt maybe today of all days we had at least earned it, so shared the Melt in the Middle Chocolate Brownie.

The service is great, the host is one of the friendliest hosts I've come across and is full on information on the Bay and happy to chat and joke with you, this continues through to the waiters too who are full of energy, recommendations and more of that charm.

The atmosphere outside is also the perfect combination of laid back, relaxing but upbeat which is hard to achieve outside a lot of the time.


+ Call ahead and request outside
+ Go at Dusk
+ If you cycle over the bridge with Blazing Saddles get the Ferry home and let that food settle.

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