Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Getting too and from the airport | travel

Often getting to and from the airport is the last thing you think about when organising a trip, there are lots of options and really, it's not the most important thing, however, there are certainly some steps you can take to reduce stress, stay safe and maybe save some money. 

I think deciding on transport is probably the factor of travel that varies most from place to place, in most developed countries the airports will have taxi ranks, shuttle buses and car hire all available right in the airport with no pre planning required and often, these come with a lot of processed in place making them as safe as possible, these however often come with a high price tag too. This is why even in the 'safest' countries it can benefit you to book ahead.

So the 3 options I am comparing today, Shuttle/Transfer, Car Service and Car Hire.

Car Hire is probably the most changeable depending on where you are and where you're staying, if you won't have or will be charged to park that is something to consider and also if you're under 25 you will need to make sure you won't be left with additional charges.


+ Very safe and reliable
+ Cheaper than a taxi
+ More personal service than public transport
+ Available both pre booked and last minute
+ Drivers will manage your luggage

+ Longer travel time for drop offs
+ More expensive than public transport

+ Pre booked for guaranteed spot for the time you want and a better price

Car Service.

+ Meet you at Baggage Claim
+ Guaranteed good service
+ Added luxuries included such a water and snacks, great when you get off a plane
+ Fastest Option
+ Driver will carry all your bags
+ Really comfortable ride

+ Most expensive option
+ Only available pre booked

+ Agree price including tip and print confirmation before travelling
+ Ask for drivers name prior to trip

Car Hire.

+ Most flexible option
+ Save on transport for the rest of the trip
+ Don't have to carry luggage on and off public transport
+ Really safe
+ A great way to see the country or city

+ Additional expenses
+ Can have long wait times
+ Only available on certain trips

+ Get a pre arrange upgrade to skip lines
+ Agree all extra charges before trip

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  1. Nice Information, According to my experience, In most developed countries the airports can have taxi ranks, shuttle buses and automotive rent for the purpose of airport transportation, all on the market right within the airdrome with no pre designing needed and infrequently..