Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fall in Love, 14 | lifestyle

If you know me, or have seen my Twitter, Instagram or any other possible outlet recently you will know I obsessed with Fall, it's my all time favourite season, I love everything about it and only wish it was longer. As part of my Fall appreciation I thought I would do the 'I love Fall tag' I did here last year but change up some of the questions.

Fall in Love tag:

What is your favourite Fall scent?

Anything berry like, I'm obsessed. It reminds me that Christmas is approaching, it reminds me of outside at this time of year and all my candles are berry like.

What is your favourite Fall drink?

Keeping with the berry theme, as much as I mostly drink English tea still at this time of year, when the cold nights hit I instantly was a berry tea before I go to bed.

What Fall trend are you most excited for?

Flannel. I am in love, in all forms and colours, I would rather wear a flannel shirt over anything that any other jacket.

What is your favourite Fall beauty product?

Back to berry, berry lips. It has been for a couple of years now and I'm getting braver, the deeper the better. I'm on a hunt for a new dark, dark shade.

What is your Fall guilty pleasure?

Uggs, I know people HATE them, but tell me where else I can feel like I'm walking on clouds. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wearing these to dinner, but walking around the country, these babies are my best friend.

What do you like to do most in Fall?

Exploring, everywhere. I love to go to parks, lakes, rivers, gardens, country pubs followed by a walk. Just anywhere I can enjoy the short window of colours and crunchy leaves.

What is your favourite Fall song?

This year, I am obsessed, really, really, obsessed with Ed Sheeran's new album. It's really mellow and great to sing along to and listen to on long drive which I love this time of year too. 

What is your favourite Fall food?

Stuffed potatoes. Real, old fashioned comfort food, I just crave these simple delights, warm and filling and so, so tasty.

What is your favourite Fall holiday?

Thanksgiving. I am British, but my best friend is American and for the last 7 years we have celebrated Thanksgiving together with all of our friends it's the perfect way to round off Fall and welcome the holiday season.

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