Saturday, 25 October 2014

DOTD/Sugar Skull, Final Halloween Look | beauty

I have always loved how this makeup looks when people dress up as Day of the Dead for Halloween, but I always thought it would one be really hard and two it was something satanic, I found out neither were true. It's actually a celebration of South American origin of people's lives in memory of those who have passed where people pray for their souls, I think that's actually pretty cool. I also found out that you can do a take on it really easily.

I just blended a gold eye shadow and purple eyeshadow out right up to the brow and below the eye, drew the shape using a kohl liner, I would suggest gel though to be honest, as my hair managed to smudge it as can be seen in some of the pictures, then lined my eyes with black eye liner and added the pre glued lashes I used in my Black Swan look.

I then just took the pale base I used for foundation across the lips and used a gel liner to create stitches and added some traditional decorative marks across the forehead with a kohl liner, again although I intended to smudge the 'swirly bits' I did not plan for the upside down heart to smudge, but it's Halloween so anything goes and you could definitely get away with it anyway.

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  1. Brilliant look, you are seriously talented missy! Can't decide if I like this one or the Black Swan one more! xx

    Sarah |

    1. Thank you beautiful! I love it when I have time to play with makeup!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel xx