Monday, 20 October 2014

Corpse Bride, A Halloween Makeup Look Fail | beauty

The great thing about blogging, is it's real. As much as we all try and get the best lighting and the best angle, most of us are doing this out of pure love for blogging itself, therefore we tend to share experiences about our lives. Well this week I had week 1 of Halloween fun planned in the form of 3 different 'easy' makeup looks and whilst I am really happy with 2 of them, coming soon, this one was one big, fat, fail but rather than throw it away I thought why not lift the vail and admit, sometimes these things just happen and the irony, it definitely wasn't easy.

I am blessed with a lot of time to spend doing certain things I like, but the last two weeks have been super busy, so after one day playing around with the looks I wanted to do, featured here on Instagram, it all went pretty well and easy. So last week, I thought I'll whip together one of the looks in the afternoon, take the photos before natural lighting goes down and have it ready to go for today, Monday, well that wasn't what the universe had planned.

I say this very lightly, because in the grand scheme of things, nothing really went 'wrong' but in terms of this look, everything went wrong. I won't be including what I used to create this 'look' as quite frankly I would never recommend them, but lets start with the base. This Corpse Bride look require a pretty intense white wash, so I used a pure cream white makeup, big mistake, before I had finished one side it had started to dry and flake, so I added water and tried to layer it, even worse. Once I had done what I could with that, I moved on the the eyes, the eye shadow went ok, but the cream shadow then went everywhere because the base underneath was moving, the eyebrows wouldn't stay so ended up majorly uneven and the eyeliner went flaky. Finally, on to the lips, due to the excessively thick base, bled all over and just did not work.

Although it was looking really bad, I tried to fix it up and see how the pictures turned out anyway, of course, like always the camera only highlights all the mistakes, so what you see here are the best of a bad bunch with over exposure and some blending, but you know what, it happens and it's actually really funny. A while ago I wrote 'How to be a Blogger' because I think it's so fun just to admit the lengths we all go to sometimes to try and make the plans in our head work, but for some reason or another, it just doesn't pan out. So here it is, although 90% of the time, blogs really do just happen, even when you think you've got something planned, it can be far from perfect.

I look forward to proving to you all, I'm not a complete makeup disaster in the posts coming throughout the week and in the mean time I continue to be very excited for Halloween.

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