Saturday, 11 October 2014

Camden Town, Online Market Place | fashion*

I love a high street find as much as the next person, but it never quite lives up to the excitement of a boutique or market purchase. Knowing that you have a hand made, unique item that only a number of people may have, has it's own special feeling. I'm also a huge fan of online shopping, because who has time to actually rummage around these markets or boutiques as much as we would like to?

Camden Town reached out to me and I'm so glad they did because it's such a cool website, supporting independent designers which I love. The idea behind Camden Town in an online market place inspired by the unique design culture of Camden Town in London, UK.

Although I'm in love with some of the furniture, the more realistic option for me right now was to try some of this beautiful lace underwear from designer Sasha Jane who sells on Camden Town.

This is the Hannah Lace Set and it is so beautifully made, every detail is carefully and perfectly done and was all hand made to order.

I also got this Nebula Pendant Necklace, I'm loving the necklace layering trend at the moment, and the galactic fashions too, this little number works for both so I had to get it. There are so many of these necklaces as well so everyone can find a design they love.

If you like what you see, check out the website and check back on the blog because on Monday I will be starting a giveaway offering a £15 voucher for Camden Town towards some of these beautiful things.

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