Tuesday, 14 October 2014

All the fun of the fair, Goose Fair | lifestyle

Sticking with the unofficial theme this month, basically using all of my lifestyle posts to just show my appreciation for all things Fall, another one of my favourite things about this time of year is Carnivals or Fairs.

The cold air and dark nights contrasting the bright lights and warm donuts make for a perfect combination only this time of year could achieve. 

One of the world's most famous fairs is situated right in the heart of The Midlands here in England, Goose Fair. This year, or Goose Fair as it is today is a far cry from how it started, it began more than 700 yrs ago, even being cancelled one year due the Plague was back in the 1600's, as the name suggests it began in Nottingham's Old Market Square as a trading fair of farm animals such a Geese.

However, today and throughout my life time the fair has become much more of a carnival with lights, rides and food being the focus of the event. It is now also located on the Forest Recreation Ground as both the fair and its attendees have grown so much.

No matter how it changes throughout the years it is another mark to the start of Fall for me and I absolutely love the atmosphere, honestly I don't even really go on the rides, its about the candy apples, bonfire toffee, pork and stuffing buns and throwing too much money at 'Huck 'a' Duck' and other throwing games to attempt to win whatever that years most popular knock off toy is.

Of course the classics such as The Big Wheel are still a permanent feature and although I didn't go on this year I imagine the view is amazing from up there.

We did get a great view though from the top of the Rotor, we initially went up there to watch as people gradually stick the the wall below but we ended up getting two for the price of one with the beautiful elevated views.

I love seeing the old rides best, I'm a sucker for tradition and the ghost trains just remind me that Halloween is just around the corner.

Even in the middle of the UK I managed to find a piece of San Francisco.

I would also say it's always good to check out the 'kids' section too because that's where they often hide some of the best traditional rides. 

I hope you enjoy your local fairs or carnivals and I would love to hear a little about the history of where you're from.

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  1. Mel these photos are fab! :) I don't go on the rides either... my limit is the ghost train and even that scares me :') haha
    I just go for the atmosphere - its tradition for me and something i look forward to every year. It isn't autumn without a bit of 'Goose Fair' weather!

    1. Thanks lovely! I braved the DSLR down at old Goosey and we made it!.. Exactly, it's all about the atmosphere I couldn't not go when I'm here, like you say it's tradition, I love it!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel xx