Friday, 12 September 2014

USA Beauty Bits, A Haul | beauty

During my travels this summer, although on a budget and with a plan in place not to buy anything I did sneak in a few beauty purchases along the way. I think I can actually get most of these in the UK, but the prices are just so much better when you work it out so I couldn't resist anyway.

I thought as I caved I may as well share the finds I got and the bargains you can get by shopping in another currency.

1. Nars, Orgasm & Laguna Duo

I've wanted to try the Orgasm blusher for ages and everyone know Laguna is a long term holy grail bronzer so when I saw this little duo in Sephora for $21.00 which is about £13.00 I had to pick it up.

2. Mac Lipstick, Giddy & Shy Girl

I can't resist the lips every time, a more in depth description of these can be found in my 'Go Nude for Summer' post here.

3. Mac, 15 Palette insert

I'd been toying with the idea of whether I wanted to put a blush insert or shadow insert in the other side of my Mac dual palette but when Sally, who I was travelling with found these were the equivalent of £0.50 in Mac in America I couldn't resist.

4. Victoria's Secret, Lip Sheen

These were such an impulse buy, I was at the counter at Victoria's Secret and they were buy 2 get 2 free so me and Sal each got two and split the cost so for both it was $10 each and I have worn them so much as they're so nourishing and easy to wear.

5. Eos Lip Balm, Sweet Mint

If you have instagram, you've seen these this year. I'd seen a lot of bloggers talking about them and hadn't seen them in the UK so was excited to try them out when I was over there. They were also only $2.99 or 2 for $5.00 which is so, so much cheaper than the £7.00 in Topshop here. I haven't actually seen them in the UK still though. I am addicted!

6. Q-tips, Purse Pack

This is such a random purchase but so, useful. I had to include it because we need these in the UK. I have actually refilled it since being home and will keep it in my handbag because it's so useful.

7. Pantene, Keratin Repair Cream

This was another impulse buy as it was included in a shampoo and conditioner set I bought, but it was a life saver. The sea and sun can be harsh on your hair so having something to put moister back in and repair is essential and it also smells divine.

8. Natural Foot Stone

Another thing the beach takes a toll on, your feet. Although the sand does exfoliate them, something about a hot climate makes me never want to wear shoes so my feet needed a little TLC. I didn't want to splash out too much so this worked really well just to use at the end of the day in the bath to make them soft and smooth.

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