Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thing's only girls with long hair will understand | lifestyle

As much as I adore my long hair and admittedly, I may even have a little unhealthy attachment to it, there are certain things about it that aren't as glamourous as people might think and people who also have long hair will relate to. You're not alone girls.. and guys, so here is something light hearted this Sunday.

*Photo credit to Sally of RainyDayFaces.

1. Car doors. 
Having long hair can make rushing in and out of cars into a deathly activity, all it takes is a small gust of wind to get some hair caught in a door and for a split second you can feel like you've been trapped in a seen from Saw being scalped.

2. Hugging.
The awkward moment when you go in for a hug and about 4 steps away you're still attached, well just a day in the life for us, somehow no matter what material the person is wearing your hair will stick to it and lead to some awkward laughter as you quickly try to smooth your hair down and walk away.

3. Taking Pictures.
Much like the car door this one can lead to a gentle scalping and also the occasional argument. You sort your hair out, pose, are ready to go then the person you're having the picture with will affectionately put their arm round you, in turn ripping your hair out, making you have the worst angle and pressing down the locks you're so very attached to.

4. The Messy Bun.
We all adore a lazy hair look and especially on those busy mornings with second day hair, but this 'meant to be easy' solution can force even the most patient of long haired folk to despair. What is supposed to look like an effortless up do ends up resembling a cone hanging of the back of your head or a pile of whipped cream stacked on top of your head and when it inevitably begins to fall as you walk out the door it will feel like you've hung weights off the back of your head.

5. Sharing a Bed. 
A bit personal you may think, but nothing sinister here apart from maybe an accidental suffocation. Between your head constantly being dragged back from is getting caught under the other person, those tiny hair getting trapped in your air pits and huffing and puffing of the co inhabiter as they attempt to push your hair away, you will also consider if your mane can accidentally suffocates them in the night.

6. Washing.
So you hear in old movies or comedy sketches the phrase 'I'm washing my hair' being used as lame excuse to get out of seeing someone. Well it isn't a lie here, believe me I wish I could do it quickly. This necessary process needs at least an hour setting aside, prepare for moans and quips from the shorted haired people in your life about why you take forever in the shower, but unless you've been there you don't get it. Also, if we rushed and didn't clear the floor, tiles, drain and everywhere else of the labrador we've managed to lose, that wouldn't go down well either.

There are so many more, these are just a few I could think of as I sat down today, I hope you enjoyed that if you can relate and for those who think this is just really stupid, while you're right, try growing out your hair and you'll be straight on board, trust me.

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  1. Hahahhaaa this made me giggle so much! I used to have really long hair & whilst I loved it, it was a real pain in the ass! xo

    1. Ah thanks so much Megan, it's definitely a love/hate relationship!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x

  2. Ahahaha Mel this post made me laugh - especially the 'im washing my hair' thing. I've said this so many times in the past and people think I'm palming them off - but the reality is i really DO need to wash my hair. Washing it is just the easy part though - drying time can be endless.. ;) xx

    1. Ah I'm sure you can relate with your lovely long hair Beth!

      Thanks so much for reading lovely,

      Mel xx