Thursday, 25 September 2014

Signature Champagne Breakfast, A Review | lifestyle

As part of my Birthday celebrations this year, my Mum took me out for Champagne Breakfast in local town at a place called Signature. I had heard about this place through the grape vine but always thought it was a really weird concept as it markets itself as 'Where Food and Fashion Meet', so I was curious how it was laid out.

When we arrived it was clear that it's just a really smart marketing campaign and it's nothing weird like you actually eating in a store. There is a coffee shop/bar area, a restaurant area and a boutique separate. 

The decor photographs quite harshly, although it is romantically decorated, it's still quite fresh and bright in person. 

On arrival we were greeted with Champagne as for the Champagne breakfast I think you have to make a reservation before hand. This was a nice touch as you feel spoilt from the moment you arrive and especially at this time of day, I mean I personally can say I never normally have Champagne before 12noon.

Even though the Champagne Breakfast is kind of a package you can choose whichever actual breakfast you like, which is perfect because I was ready for the full works and so was my Mum on this occasion but I know normally she would have opted for a much smaller choice.

The food was delicious and came very quickly, we both went for the Full English.

After breakfast is was time for a hot drink to wash it all down. As Signature is also open as a coffee shop throughout the day when you have any hot drink a sample of one of the days cake's always comes with it. Even though we were stuffed I couldn't resist, it's a great treat if you didn't want a full slice, but the danger is it will tempt you into a whole piece.

The only thing I think I should say is the staff weren't great, they were cold, unhelpful and quite unaccommodating. I had a lovely day because the place and the food was lovely and of course I was with my Mumma, but I think it's only fair to be honest if I am doing a sort of review of a place.

I would recommend it as a great place for a coffee if you're close by though.

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  1. This looks absolutely great and what a nice idea to meet your girlfriends for Brunch. I will make sure I try this. ��

    1. Ah Thank you Di! Yes, definitely check it out! It's really nice :)

      Thanks for reading,