Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ladies who lunch, Colwick Hall Afternoon Tea | lifestyle

For my Birthday my Aunt treated me, my Mum, my Cousin and herself to a lovely afternoon tea at Colwick Hall near Nottingham.

Like I said in my present haul here, I absolutely love it when people get me experience presents, as not only does it prolong my Birthday that little bit which, let's be honest most of us would love, it also means you get to spend time with the person who gives it to you.

The grounds at Colwick Hall are amazing, it would make for a lovely little retreat or an amazing wedding venue as I always think when at these country halls, but we were heading to the newly renovated Byron's Brasserie.

Rather than going into the main hall you head through these arches to the East wing of the building and that's where you will find Byron's, a restaurant, coffee lounge and bar all in one that makes a perfect spot for any of the above.

When you walk through the doors you are met by the bar and lounge area, although the ornate decor lends itself to the period of the hall it feels bright, clean and modern which is way more my style.

Through another little arch and you are in the main restaurant which follows the same style and is surrounded buy huge sash windows, even more my style.

All of us shared the Afternoon Tea, even though its supposed to be for two, I'm sure four people could definitely share as there was more than enough for that. Especially in the afternoon if you're not actually having it for a meal.

The top layer, was desserts, scones and a little fruit jelly. I honestly didn't have much of the desserts as after all the other lovely options I was pretty full by this point. The jelly however was lovely, I actually tried to recreate them for a BBQ a few days later.

For more savoury fan like myself they also had, chicken and bacon wraps, salmon wraps, quiche and a selection of sandwiches.

The service was really good and nothing was too much trouble, endless pots and tea and were happy to answer questions about the area and the restaurant itself as it is a new addition to Colwick Hall. 

The grounds are so nice and as it was my Birthday we decided to take some pictures to remember the day.

I think on a sunny day it would be lovely to go for a cup of tea and then have a walk around the hotel and grounds as I'm sure they'd be happy to show you and there is way more than we even had time to explore.

I will definitely be heading back in the future for another Country House adventure.

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  1. Everything looks so good! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. It was delicious!

      Thank you so much for reading :)!

      Mel x

  2. We had a lovely afternoon in such pleasant surroundings. The food was delicious and an abundance of it.
    IT was fun too, trying to recreate a past experience with my best friend Linda. As children I pushed her into my pond, saying saved your life, something she had regularly done to me, the difference was she did save me and I let her fall in. Lol. I always save her now. X

    1. Thanks for reading Di and thanks for taking us :) xx