Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dramatically Different, Gel Vs Cream | beauty

A few months ago when I bought a lot of Clinique skincare for my Mum I picked up a sample of their Dramatically Different moisturiser.

My Mum has honestly used this as long as I can remember and has never had issues with breakouts and has great skin for her age, but because my Mum had always used it I never thought of trying it for myself until I was given this sample.

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I have been on the search for a moisturiser that ticks all the boxes for absolutely years. I have found ones along the way that have seems great for a while but then started to make me oily throughout the day, I've found cheaper alternatives and experimented with slightly more expensive options and before this I was using Origins Zero Oil, which I still really love and thought might be the break through forever, but enter Dramatically Different.

I used up two sample tubes and was still loving it, I really felt like it suited my skin and even though I'm oily it really absorbed well, so as featured in my Birthday Haul, I recently got the full 125ml pump and have been loving it.

A few days later my friend text me and asked if I had seen the new gel formula specifically for Oily/Combination Skin. I had seen it before and had been interested but thought I may as well stick with the lotion formula I had tried that I thought was working for me, however she said it was one sale as it was in the previous packaging so I was tempted and she got one for me.

Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel:

+ It absorbs quickly into the skin.
+ A little goes along way.
+ It Does leave the skin a little tacky at first.
+ Leaves a silicon like finish once totally absorbed.
+ Is best a morning, pre makeup moisturiser rather than at night.
+ Noticeably Less nourishing than the lotion but does sooth the skin.
+ Smells good.

Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion:

+ Little to no smell.
+ Instantly refreshes the skin.
+ Sinks quickly into the skin with no tacky stage.
+ A little goes along way.
+ On Oily skin, with no mattifing product on top, it will leave you shiny at through makeup.
+ Great as a makeup free moisturiser or night time moisturiser.
+ Leaves your skin very, very soft.
+ Gentle straight after cleansing.

Overall I do really like them both for different things, but even with oily skin I still would recommend the lotion over the gel. I give the Gel a 3/5 and the Lotion a 4/5.

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