Monday, 8 September 2014

Bold is Better, A/W Lip Obsessions | beauty

I love makeup, but honestly I'm no expert in a lot of things, I'll be the first to admit when I don't have time to do my proper eyebrow routine, who know what the outcome could be, but an area I do feel confident in and my go to product is lipstick.

A couple of months ago during the summer I highlighted my favourite nude shades and said I felt like a convert, but all it took was a gust of wind and I was ready to whip out all the old favourites and even sneak in a few newbies. I briefly mentioned in my 'Fall In Love' tag last year some of my favourites and some have remained but here are my, Top 5 A/W lip shades 14 and I can't wait to start wearing them.

1. Kate Moss for Rimmel London, 22

This one is maybe a little bright for some people's A/W choices but for me Fall is about being bold with lips, not just all about the deep shades. I think with a gold eye and sleek updo this is the perfect compliment to many A/W looks.

2. Kate Moss for Rimmel London, 107

This is the newest addition to my collection, I am still searching for the deepest red but this is a nice stepping stone, for a more sultry look during the day, or a nice lick of something for a winters evening by the fire, this will be my go to colour this year.

3. Jemma Kidd Makeup School, 05 Eve

In contrast to the above, this is probably my oldest item of this list, but every year it makes a come back. The best thing about this classic soft red it that it's so nourishing, you can't go wrong on those breezy Autumn days. This is probably the easiest wear for any occasion.

4. Mac, Rebel

This bad boy is every girls favourite and lets be honest I will be bringing this out no matter what the season, but it wouldn't have been a bold lip post without it. I am excited to wear this with a more pale, rosy look against the A/W colours than the bronze looks I've been pairing it with throughout Summer.

5. Mac, Party Line

Another oldie but a goodie, this shimmering red is the perfect blend of 90's and class. I would wear this for a more formal affair in these winter months as it's definitely the most subtle but I still love it.

I hope if you don't already have them I've tempted you in to some new purchases for Fall. What's you favourite A/W shade?

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