Monday, 1 September 2014

A little coverage for the beach, Nivea BB Cream | beauty

Although summer is drawing to a close, I'm sure there are a few lucky people out there who still have a vacation booked before we wave goodbye to the sun and welcome Autumn.

During my travels this summer I wanted to take something for the beach or days when I didn't really want to wear makeup, but was having either a bad skin day or was just feeling like I needed a little bit extra for, lets be honest, all the photos that we were going take. 

I had seen a lot of BB Creams floating around for a while now but none of them caught me eye that much and I have really sensitive skin so I was a little worried about spending a lot of money when it quite possible would irritate my skin and also when I knew I was only going to use it for a short amount of time.  

I happened to stumble across this Nivea, BB Cream 5in1 Beautifying Moisturiser. I bought it for about £5.99 but it's actually currently on sale at Boots for £2.99. As it was pretty cheap and I've not had a bad reaction to Nivea before, apart from the face wipes but that's a different story, I thought I may as well give it a go. 

As with all BB Creams, the selection of colours isn't as wide as foundation, as because the coverage is so much more sheer it will blend to the skin, but I did find for a 'light' shade this was still edging a little on the dark side. It was ok for me as it's summer but if you have super fair skin I would see if there is an even lighter option. 

At first when you blend it out I really wasn't impressed with the coverage, I could feel it sitting on my skin and I felt it hadn't made much difference, however after leaving it to settle for about 10 minutes I could see it had evened out my skin tone, which after all is what it's supposed to do, rather that give you a full coverage.

I found that if you wear this with a little concealer to help on more troublesome spots such as under the eyes or on blemishes it can really just give a more polished look to the skin, it also is nice that it's so moisturising if you're tanning as obviously this makes your skin a lot more dry that it would usually be.

It only has SPF 10 so I would recommend your usual SPF underneath it for more intense sun days and for those of us with oily skin, it definitely doesn't fulfil the 'matte finish' promise, but I think on holiday it's about the only place I don't mind that too much as it is nice to have a dewy glow.

As for whether is irritated my skin I did break out a little bit, I don't want to put the full blame on the BB Cream as I was also using a new SPF, I was in a different climate and I was probably drinking far too much Coke, but I feel I had to be honest with that.

Overall I would recommend it for a short term pocket friendly option, if you want to switch to BB creams for a longer term solution I think it's honestly worth spending the money to get a really quality product as they're quite easy to go wrong with.

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  1. I like BB cream but I haven't found the right shade for me so I'm not using it. Great review and keep up the good work.


    1. I know it's a tricky product! Thanks for reading though!

      Love Mel x