Monday, 25 August 2014

What I got for my Birthday, 23rd Birthday Haul | lifestyle

I feel I must start this with the mandatory 'I'm not showing off' disclaimer because unfortunately that's what the internet has come to, but if you're like me, you absolutely love any type of haul, especially birthday ones. I find they have a variety of things and are great for picking up ideas, because lets face it, some people are just more creative than others. 

I'm very grateful for all the amazing things I got for my birthday and I have been extremely blessed, but I want to say thank you more for all the great time people chose to spend with me my whole birthday week and ease me into being 23.

1. Tickets to Disneyland.

Yes it was my 23rd Birthday, so Disneyland tickets may seem crazy but when in California how could you not, so I was so fortunate to have tickets to Disney bought for me so I could go for a couple of days whilst I was travelling around America this summer and it was awesome. 

2. Pandora Leather Wrap Bracelet, Grey.

I'm obsessed with these bracelets, I think they are something that is appropriate for every occasion and whilst I my be heading nearer to the mid twenty mark, I'm not quite ready to give up my slightly less casual style just yet.

I mentioned a while back to my Mum that I really love these and she surprised me, every Birthday my favourite thing to get it jewellery as it's something that you can keep forever and it will always remind you of that year. 

3. Skincare, Clinique, Liz Earle & Origins.

I thought I would clump these together as they we're all also from my Mumma, she's the best and she helped me stock up on my recent empties, I love these products, some are new so reviews will be coming soon and Liz Earle is a long term favourite that I have mentioned a few times on my blog, including my first ever post. 

It's always amazing to get a few beauty bits as, because they are essentials we definitely need them, but they always feel that bit better when they were a treat and you didn't have to splurge yourself.

4. Champagne Breakfast.

These type of gifts are maybe my favourite, they're something you would never or very rarely get for yourself and it means you actually get to spend time with whoever bought it for you, which is really the whole point of celebrating rather than just a pile or presents, although we all love that too.

5. Canon Selphy, Photo Printer.

I am a photo addict, whether it's professional DSLR landscapes, macro blog shots or just iPhone selfies I can't help myself, the sad thing is far too often now we don't print out photos at all or it just takes forever to send off to get them done, so my Brother and his partner bought me maybe the perfect gift.

It's so easy, you can put your SD card straight into it or connect to your iPhone wirelessly, the quality is amazing and it prints them straight on to photo quality 6x4 sheets. I was hooked and was printing away all night and it's so fun to come in from somewhere and instantly print out your favourite snap. 

6. Journals.

My friends know me very well, both of these are from different friends, I am absolutely obsessed with journals. I love to write, well obviously I have a blog, but whether it's deep thoughts, daily ramblings or novels that will never get published and there's a weird part of me that just loves to have a bookshelf full of pretty little journals. 

This awesome travel journal has all you will need to plan and document a trip, so fun.

7. French Connection Pamper Collections.

A pamper kit is always welcome so I loved receiving both of these, randomly one was from my Grandad's partner and another off my Aunt & Uncle and they just happened to match. I've already used the darker polish from the nail collection but full reviews will be up on the blog in the future.

8. Afternoon Tea.

Like I said before I absolutely love these types of gifts, anything to spend time with the people I love especially when you get to feel a bit pampered. It was a beautiful, beautiful place and an awesome afternoon so a full blog will follow all about our Afternoon Tea.

9. Digital Photography Book.

Like I said when I was talking about my new printer, I cannot stop taking photographs, but at the same time I am in awe of so many other peoples photography, I could look at blogs of just photos for days, so I was grateful to get this from one of my best friends for my birthday. To be honest, I think she just wanted to stop her boyfriend & I just talking camera chat whenever we're together as I ask him anything and everything.

10. Surprises from friends.

I also got some more amazing gifts from friends and family, an iPad case, a beautiful necklace, some makeup, some nail gels and even some treats all the way from America but I would be here forever, so thank you so much girls, you all know me so well and I am so grateful.

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  1. Great gifts! I love the lotions from French Connection. :)

    1. I know, they all smell amazing!

      Thanks for reading!

      Mel x

  2. Happy birthday! I'm not usually the greatest fan of Pandora but that wraparound is just beautiful. Love the grey-taupey tone. I really hate that disclaimer we are all having to put above posts or videos like these now. "Sorry I'm not showing off"/"I'm not bragging" I mean, for the most part, I like to think that people aren't showing off but are sharing their delight in the gifts they have received for a special occasion and if people are showing off, well maybe they will grow up and in a few years time be embarrassed they ever posted for such a benefit. Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, looks like you were blessed with some lovely bits and pieces this year! Hope you're doing well and had a fab day. Rosemary x

    1. Thank you :)! I feel the same way about Pandora definitely didn't get the main craze but love the leather ones! I think the internet will always be that way, but we can hope!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x

  3. You got some truly lovely gifts! I'm also a fiend for journals.. I hardly ever end up writing in them regularly but that still doesn't stop me from buying them! Also, I'm soooo unbelievably jealous of your tickets to Disney! Hope you had an amazing time and a great birthday! xx

    1. Aww thank you, I admit most of mine are totally empty too! I was very lucky, I know you're never too old for Disney!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x