Sunday, 24 August 2014

Strawberry picking, benefits to living in the country | lifestyle

I haven't been strawberry picking for years, when I was little my Mum always used to take me and my Brother, as it was a pretty good way to keep us entertained for an afternoon and probably make the idea of fruit exciting. Now I'm older I like the idea of supporting local businesses buy going strawberry picking and let's be honest, it is pretty cute too.

So this summer me and my friend Becca who has made a few appearances on my blog before, decided we would find a local farm and pick some fruit.

We found one not to far from the area we live so we made the drive one evening and it was really nice to see that it was actually quite busy. I'm definitely not the most health conscious person, as much as I think about it a lot and do support any changes to make it better, my commitment is poor, but it's nice to go to a place like this and know that everything was organic and you can see exactly where it is from. 

Even though some of them are small, some are not the prettiest and a lot unfortunately have gone to strawberry heaven, it's a nice choose and if you're like me and a sucker for anything tiny even though they're probably not the best, you'll end up with a basket of tiny strawberries that are pretty sour. It also shows unfortunately how modified the ones you buy from shops are. 

My basket looks pretty dismal but I know from experience the big boxes make you want to fill them up but then ever the biggest fruit lovers cant eat that many strawberries in a couple of days, because they are the most fresh they do unfortunately have a much smaller shelf life than those you buy in the super market.

Most of these places will also be in super pretty locations, so we went for a walk and sat by the river for a while just having some girl talk. 

When we went to pay we were actually really surprised that for the amount of strawberries we got together it was way cheaper than the super markets, even more reason to go local, you're supporting a local cause, getting a better product and you can save yourself some money. 

While it's not realistic to do this everyday unless you live really close to a farm it's a fun thing to do, and especially with younger children could help teach them about home grown produce.

I hope you enjoyed this random little post today, something a bit different to usual.

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