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by - August 22, 2014

At the beginning of summer I got the opportunity to head back to Ox Pasture Hall, my favourite country hide away of East Yorkshire. To hear about my stay check it out here, but today's post is all about the food. I planned to only do one post initially, but after our experience in the restaurants I had to dedicate a whole post to food alone. 

This is the main Courtyard Restaurant at Ox Pasture, there is also a Bistro available near the bar side of the hotel which you will see a glimpse of later. We were seated in this beautiful spot looking over the gardens and the hills beyond which was perfect to enjoy some great food. I also love having space when out to dinner, nobody wants the next table hearing all of your conversations and risking ending up in the back page of 'more'. 

We were actually given champagne and menus in the Bistro before being taken to our table, so once we were seated we could just sit back relax and enjoy our food. 

Before our starters we were surprised with this amuse-bouche, it was a Smoked Fish Terrine with Diced Salad. I would have never ordered this, but it was delicious. We were also given a bread selection and I chose a tomato bread that actually went amazingly with this too. 

Next up it was time for starters, Becca, my best friend who I bought along to Ox Pasture Hall, chose the Beetroot & Orange Salad and I went for the Fish Cake with Pouched Egg. 

As you can see the presentation is amazing, the portions are big but not overwhelming and the food is cooked and prepared to perfection.

I would definitely recommend both of these dishes, but I will say the Fish Cake is quite filling so maybe not one for those with smaller appetites or those who don't like leaving food.

While we waited for our main course, we had a chance to take in the views and were surprised again with this delicious Granita, I should say I'm not 100% sure what it was as obviously it wasn't on the menu and I did ask the waiter, however I forgot, so the closest thing I could liken it to was a Granita.

It was the perfect way to cool down between courses and prepare out palates so we could really enjoy all the delicious food.

For the main course we both chose the same thing, it was the Beef dish that consisted of a beautiful slow cooked Brisket and a Filet Steak. The Brisket was on a bed of pomme pureé and the Steak was on a bed of mushrooms all paired with carrots, shallots and red wine jus. 

Oh my goodness, this Brisket. It was delicious, it melted in my mouth and I have been craving it ever since.

I have my Steak rare and although this was slightly medium rare, I can't complain as it was absolutely beautiful, it was a beautiful piece of Steak and worked perfectly with the base.

Although it looks quite minimal on the plate, I cannot tell you how filling this is. It was just enough vegetables to compliment the meat, but I don't think I've ever had so much protein in one course but it was absolutely delicious.

It was time for another break and another Granita, although I didn't take a picture, mostly because I think I was too busy enjoying it before I thought and also because at this point we were almost down the whole bottle of champagne, it was beautiful. It was Passion Fruit paired with alcohol and again prepared us for the final course, if we could find room.

I honestly was so full but couldn't resist at least sampling some of the desserts on offer. I chose the Sticky Toffee Pudding and Becca went with Chocolate Orange Soufflé. 

Like the rest of the meal, even though the dishes may sound simple, everything is done to such a high standard, it becomes something very different to the average menu and was of course delicious.

Breakfast, after a beautiful nights sleep with a big day ahead of us was like a dream.

We were lucky enough to be given this beautiful spot in the Courtyard Restaurant for breakfast too. It looked even nicer in the morning and was nice to be woken up by some morning sun.

There was a beautiful buffet of fresh juices, cereals, tea, pastries and more to chose from all before you had even ordered your main breakfast. This is maybe one of my favourite parts of staying in a hotel.

As you can see, after the previous nights bottle of champagne we definitely made the most of the fresh juices and ice water that morning, I honestly wish that I could wake up to this every morning.

When it came to ordering out mains, Bec made a more sensible decision and chose Porridge with various extras. I however could not resist the full English.

As you can see, it was obvious why it was hard to avoid, it also came with toast. It turned out to be a good choice as well as it set us up for the long drive home and a busy day.

The service at Ox Pastures is always great, but in the restaurant it really is special, they treat you like royalty, nothing is too much trouble and they're always there with a smile. They are so accommodating and will do anything to make sure you have the best experience.

Thanks again to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and I'm excited to see you again soon!

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