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by - August 18, 2014

I'm excited to share the second instalment of No Tomorrow festival today, if you haven't seen part one, that is linked here and in that post it talks a little bit more about how I got the opportunity to go to No Tomorrow and more importantly get right to the front of the stage and photograph so many awesome sets. 

As the evening went on and before we needed to secure a prime spot for the nights headliners on the main stage, I thought it was prime time to check out the dance tent. The dance tents are probably my favourite thing about festivals, well just after the headline acts at sunset, but they always have the best atmosphere, they have a party vibe all day and everyone there is just up for a good time. 

It was perfect timing to head to hear a DJ set too as it was Duke Dumont's time to take the stage and his song 'I got U' was already one of my favourite summer tunes. After you've heard it at a festival too I think it will always have a special place in your heart. 

A lot of people have a lot to say about DJ sets as gigs and even at festival but a good one will always get the crowd going as good as any other type of concert. The way DHP did the timing with the DJ's worked really well to allow you to see them as well as artists

After partying it up and getting more than just a little bit warm, it was time to fight through the crowds and secure the best possible spot for Sam Smith, as even though I am grateful I got to photograph and report on this amazing festival, so my king, Sam, I really wanted to experience it in the most true to festival way possible. 

After some gentle negotiating, waiting for a while it was time and of course well worth it. 

As soon as he walked on stage the whole park came alive, his voice is even more amazing in person and he is so humble, he even stopped and just started laughing at one point to take in the crowd. When someone is that talented it's easy to assume ignorantly that they aren't human but this made me like him even more.

After enjoying a few songs in the crowd, including 'Stay with me', which probably got more plays the last few months that any other song on my iTunes, it was time for me to hop out of the crowd before it became a closed set so I could take some snaps of this amazing talents beautiful face.

This set was unlike many artists, he can have you welling up with goosebumps one minute and jumping and singing your lungs out the next, you can tell the crowd are completely captivated.

I fan girled, professionally of course at this, he's looking right at me.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend, especially as the sun went down on a great day, Sam Smith singing us out, it was a truly I love life moment. In a crowd of thousands of people you don't know the atmosphere is crazy and you really feel like everyone is feeling the same.

The final artist of the night and No Tomorrow's headliner was London Grammar, I am obsessed with them, it was also amazing to have another home grown talent, like Indiana, come out and represent amazing music in the place where they're from. 

The electro-pop group had a closed set, so all the media team had to stay in the same spot for the whole time, we were only allowed to stay in the pit for 3 songs and weren't allowed to move around. As soon as the set began it was clear why, the blue lighting, smoke and the music itself made for a crazy ambience.

There was no need to run around, as like Sam Smith, London Grammar had us locked on them, it was such a good set with a mix of classics such as 'Hey Now' and 'Strong' mixed in with new tracks that deliver just as much. 

I saw an opportunity and took it, it was dark buy this time so I snook a selfie without anyone seeing, well only the 1000's of people in the crowd. 

I loved being able to be part of this awesome day, thanks to DHP and the amazing artists for making it an awesome day. 

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