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by - July 25, 2014

I was so excited when a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Ox Pasture Hall again. At the start of the year I went for afternoon tea with a few other bloggers, which you can read about here and I fell in love, so when I got the opportunity not just to visit again but to stay I was definitely ready to go straight away. 

I headed up on the Friday afternoon after my bestie, who joined me for the trip, finished work. It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes from where I live in the Midlands so by the time we arrived it was dusk but the grounds still looked beautiful. 

As before, we were given a great friendly greeting by the amazing team on reception and shown to our room, as after a long drive in summer we wanted to relax and get ready for the evening. 

We were led to the Hornsea Suite or room 31 and left to relax before our evening meal which had been booked for 8:30. 

I love how open and light the rooms are, there is so much space whether you want to have a nap, read a book and enjoy the view or even watch a little bit of TV to escape and all of this is before you've left the hotel room to explore the beautiful surroundings. 

It was also amazing to have a fresh fruit bowl and water laid out for our arrival to enjoy after the long drive and in this lovely summer weather we're having a cup of tea and biscuit, as much as I hate to say it, just isn't what you fancy. It also makes you feel a bit fancy, lets me honest we all love to get the special treatment when we're having a getaway.

If you forgot your book or just want to find out more about the local area, they have everything you might want to know about the local area and the hotel itself in a binder for you to browse through whilst enjoying the comfort of the sitting area. 

Now for my favourite part, the bathroom. I honestly think this is the nicest hotel bathroom I have ever seen, they are huge, brand new and whilst being clean and modern, maintain a country barn feel to stay in keeping with the whole hotel. I am a sucker for a good bubble bath so couldn't wait to finish my first day of the mini break in that huge tub at the end of the night. 

Even though we were meant to be relaxing, we couldn't resist a little explore around the grounds before the sun went down. There are hidden spots all over the grounds to stop and take in the rolling hills and beautiful English greenery, but it's also big enough to enjoy a good enough walk without even stepping out the drive to work up a good appetite for dinner.

I can't get enough of the front of this hotel, I honestly think it's a hidden gem, you would never just stubble across this place in my opinion but for someone like me who loves all things traditionally English, it's the perfect setting. 

Each time I have been here I can't help but think how nice it would be to have a farmhouse style wedding here, there are so many beauty spots that would be perfect for pictures and there are even places that look like they have been set up for a wedding, maybe they have been. 

Although I think most people who were at the hotel this weekend with us were also English, I can't help but also think how perfect people from other countries would find this location. When you picture England this is what you sign up for and it doesn't disappoint, especially when teamed with great service, clean luxury accommodation and being just minutes from the sea. 

Next it was time to get ready to go for dinner.

The restaurant it really nice, but if you didn't feel like getting dressed up and wanted to have a more relaxed evening, it would be totally fine, we went in between just because we're girlie girls but if you're there for a country walk holiday a more casual style is just as good. 

The staff are so nice one of them even snapped some pics for us while greeting us into the restaurant. As we were shown in, we were taken to the lounge before our table to enjoy some champagne and have a look at the menu so we could take our time to decide.

I never think pictures do justice to this sort of setting, it was so cute and cosy even for summer and although it's part of the original farmhouse it has a clean fresh feel. 

Forever classy of course. I am glad we had time to look over the menu's though because there was so much to chose from across the different menu's and again, the always accommodating staff allowed us to mix and match off the different menus meaning we could enjoy exactly what we wanted. 

The restaurant is very different to the lounge, although it still fits in with the hotel, it is surrounded by windows making it so light and bright which I love, although it still manages not to be stark. How beautiful was our table and talk about dinner with a view! It was so nice to see the sun go down behind the hills. 

I'm going to do another post talking about the food because a little section in this post will not to it justice. It was honestly one of the best meals I have ever had, and I like to eat out a lot I can't believe this place isn't already nationwide renowned for it's food, honestly. So keep an eye out for the upcoming posts about that. 

After dinner we headed back to the lounge to finish off the last of the champagne and have a cup of tea before heading back to bed. The staff were so helpful and even gave us fresh cold bottles of water to take back to the room with us ensuring we didn't have any fussy heads in the morning. 

Back to the room and to enjoy that huge bath and the snugly slippers and robes that were laid out on the beds. 

It was the perfect way to unwind from a lovely evening and I can confirm that the bathroom isn't just for show it was luxury to use too and enjoy a huge bath I don't often get to at home. 

After a perfect night's sleep we woke up to a bright sunny day, throwing sunshine all over Ox Pastures and time to head back to the courtyard and to the restaurant for a delicious breakfast. 

We managed to bag the best spot in the house once again to take in the sunshine and wake ourselves up while we enjoyed a 3 course breakfast which again I will put more details about in the next post. 

I wish that I could start all days with a breakfast laid on like this, I think the staff must be the hardest working ever because they were there when we left the restaurant at nearly midnight and there, bright faced and smiling ready to serve breakfast in the morning. 

We were actually off to a festival the next day so it was time to leave but I wish that I could have stayed longer and can't wait to go back again.

Thank you again so, so much to all of the staff at Ox Pasture Hall for such an amazing stay. 

Until next time, 



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