Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Go nude this Summer | beauty

We all have that favourite beauty item or something we can't stop buying, for me that is lipstick. When I was younger I thought it was so strange that my mum wore lipstick everyday and she used to say she felt naked without it, but I am only 22 and already feel the same. Whilst I was travelling and now continuing into summer I have fallen in love with wearing nude lips. 

Even though it's so subtle I think it adds a little special something to all those summer makeup looks, I have recently bought a few news shades and have re visited some old favourite so thought I would share my top 5 favourite nude lip products for summer. 

1. Mac - Giddy 

I bought this shade a few weeks ago when I was in LA and I was on the hunt for a great nude to go with bronzed summer looks, I love that it has a little shimmer in it as it's from the 'lustre' range so it works so good with gold eyes and peach cheeks. 

This maybe my new favourite shade and for a light colour it's long lasting and moisturising. 

2. Chanel - 117, Magnolia

This was my only shimmery nude before I bought Giddy and they are pretty similar if I'm honest, this shade however is pretty sheer so I prefer to wear this for daytime looks when I don't want to look overly done. 

I'm obsessed with Chanel makeup and how its packaged, I'll be so sad when I get past the Chanel mark. 

I will say this lipstick isn't as nourishing as Mac though so I have to wear a balm underneath which means it doesn't have as good staying power. 

3. Mac - Shy Girl 

I bought this in LA at the same time as Giddy, this was one the assistant suggested when I told his what I was looking for. It's very different to what I would normally choose and I was nervous it would give the 'concealer lips' effect, which we all know is never a good look, but I have worn it a few times now and while it is a harsher effect, I definitely like it.

As it is a 'creamesheen' it does give a more opaque coverage but it's super moisturising and a perfect shade with tan skin. 

4. Victoria Secret - Tinted Lip Sheen

This was a bit of an impulse buy as it was in a box where you stand in line but it worked out at only $5.00 which is about £2.80 and I'm in loved. It is such an easy wear and perfect for a more relaxed day, you don't need a mirror to apply and can just be thrown in your bag. 

As it's really nourishing it would ruin the tint if it was a sharpener kind of refill so it's a twist bottom which I think it so much better anyway. 

This image makes it look even more opaque than it is but you can tell it's pretty similar to Shy Girl. 

5. Mac - Creme Cup

This little beauty is my oldest nude shade in the collection, I had a love, hate relationship with it for a long time, it is really quite pink on the lips and can sometimes give a barbie look which just isn't me, but I think I was wearing too much of it. 

I do love that it's a cremesheen though so it gives great colour pay off and stays moisturising.

If I had to choose a favourite I would probably go with my new love, Giddy.

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  1. Such a gorgeous range of lippies, I really like the look of Giddy :)

    Charlee | CharmedCharlee xo

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes Giddy is beautiful, definitely one to get :)

      Mel x

  2. I bought MAC Giddy a few months ago too, and I adore it! It as my graduation day lipstick of choice :) x

    lillies and lipbalm

    1. Aww such a beautiful shade for Graduation, great choice!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x

  3. These are such pretty colors! I don't have any of them. I really want to go get the MAC Giddy one now! Please come visit me at http://melissygoose.blogspot.com/ Thanks for letting me read and for your recommendations.

    1. Thank you! I know some beautiful colours for sure, I'm awful for encouraging spending, but I would definitely recommend Giddy and it's versatile enough it more than pays for itself!

      Thanks for reading,

      Mel x