Friday, 13 June 2014

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On Wednesday I met up with my cousin for dinner in Nottingham. I hadn't planned to blog, so please excuse the iPhone quality photos, but once I got to the place she had chosen I couldn't resist as it was so cute. 

I love discovering great independent places to go to, whether it's for food, drink or any evening out, so when I walked up to Edin's and saw the rustic but inviting decor and every seat inside and out filled with people I knew I was discovering a new gem. 

Just a little look at what I wore on this gorgeous summer night, the sun had other plans however. 

Although it's independent, Edin's has three branch's now in Nottingham according to their website. We went to the Deli/Café as it is open till midnight Tuesday - Saturday so perfect for evenings and with a deal including a main meal and a glass of wine for £5.00 even more of a reason to check it out.

The boards outside already have so much choice and show you the offers but this is just a tiny slice, excuse the pun, of what you can get inside, from the menu choices, daily offers and deli counter treats. 

We decided to go with the daily special, a mushroom cream and white wine pasta dish complete with a glass of wine all for, wait for it £5.00!

It was so, so good and the wine was lovely too especially considering the price, you would normally pay that for the wine alone. 

I was amazed how busy it was for a tiny independent place, especially mid week, but the buzz added to the atmosphere transporting you to Parisian café or how I imagine that would feel. 

The homemade cakes looked amazing, we didn't have any as the pasta was filling enough but next time I'm around I will definitely have to try one. 

Down to the scores;

Food - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Atmosphere - 5/5
Value - 5/5

How cute does it look at night!

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  1. Oh I love it when a restaurant is busy. I like to have a bit of space in a café but there is something about a busy restaurant that leaves a really satisfying atmosphere. That pasta looks so delicious, and for amazing value! Food and wine for a fiver? Wowee. x