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by - June 16, 2014

I was lucky enough to be asked to go on behalf of Platform Online to cover and photograph 'No Tomorrow' festival. The festival is in it's first year in the Midlands and was hosted by the DHP Family at Wollaton Park.

The setting was perfect with huge hills rolling away from the now world famous Wollaton Hall after it was used as 'Wayne Manor' in the latest Batman movie, with the Main Stage at the bottom backing on to the lake and a huge big top dance tent in the across the field, with another big top stage at the top of the hill.

It was amazing to be able to cover the event and it was actually my first real 'job' as press at an event while trying to photograph to, it was intimidating being in the pit between the crowd and stage with only men twice my ages with many more cameras than I had but that just makes me want to rise to the challenge more and it was an amazing experience.

I absolutely love festivals and before we went I had planned to embrace whatever weather was thrown our way but after raining torrentially all day, the moment we got to the main stage it stopped and it was amazing sunshine for the rest of the day.

The festival had along with the 3 main stages, the usual plethora of food trucks, a fairground, loads of independent stores and stalls selling anything and everything and a cool feature was a free photo booth where you could dress up and have photos taken for free.

Throughout the day it was so nice just to chill in the sun with drinks and enjoy the music sitting around the different stages. In the earlier hours local acts filled the stages as the park slowly filled more and more.

The first act I caught on the Main Stage was Bruno Major, he is an awesome new talent who used No Tomorrow to break his festival playing virginity and smashed it. He has a bit of a Jamie Cullen vibe with edge and hails from North London.

After a break in the sun trying not to burn or get sun stroke which both happened last time I was at a festival and watching space around the stage get less and less it was Jesse Glynne's turn to take the stage. It was cool to hear some of her new solo tracks that get less air play than her breakthrough tracks which she just features on.


The set breaks are one of my favourite things about festivals, time to re fuel and chill, everyone around just dancing and chatting to the music being played in the breaks, probably the biggest thing that sets it apart from the usual gig.

Now in the full body of the festival, local grown talent Indiana took to the mic bringing the crowds with her. She's had a huge push from BBC introducing this year and has some awesome music out but her playing in her home town made the audience even more on her side.

It was a great vibe throughout Indiana's set and during the last few songs I got to meet Jesse Glynne who was really nice and down to earth and I loved that Bruno Major was out in field enjoying the set's too.

No need to make these any bigger, I had definitely had a nap or two in the sun at this point not looking so photo ready.

The evening had began to get started and I had also go the chance to meet Indiana, after a bit more of a break, a trip to the photo booth and a bottle of water or two it was time to have a bit of a party kicked off by Clean Bandit.

I was so excited to see Clean Bandit as 'Rather Be' has already become a summer anthem and to see it live with the sun shining I knew would be incredible, the park was almost full now and loads of people had started to pitch there spot at the main stage for the headlining acts.

There energy was incredible and definitely changed the vibe for night and set everyone in the mood for a long night of amazing music. 

I actually went back into the middle of the crowd so we could dance to 'Rather Be' because even though it was an awesome view there is nothing like jumping with 1000's of other people, even at 5ft.

The rest of the festival guide will follow ft Sam Smith, Duke Dumont and London Grammar.

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