Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Weightloss Journey, Log 5, Paleo | lifestyle

It's been a while but through all the ups and downs of my weightloss or fitness journey I have found that more than anything I need a plan. I can't just think 'oh I'm going to eat clean and exercise' I need to have rules to follow.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to cut out or cut down on Lactose and Gluten. I have heard for a long time that we are not naturally made to process these things and our body's can react badly to them. This also helps me not to have bread, cakes, pasta, chocolate and many other 'bad' foods because they happen to contain either or both of these things.

I found I notice a difference in how I feel massively surrounding Gluten intake, but Lactose benefits tend to be more about digestion, I hugely recommend doing it. Experts say it has to be a strict 3 weeks with zero intake to really know, but I think any change for the better is good.

It really is a journey and I put off these updates because since the January/February success life's craziness, as grateful as I am for it's busi-ness, it means I have put this pursuit on the back burner, or is that just an excuse?

This week I got a lovely surprise from my beautiful friend, she surprised me with the 'Paleo' book, its a lifestyle based upon a 'caveman' diet built around what nature has to offer and allowing no carbs or refined sugar.

I still have a lot to learn and its exam time which means realistically spending time doing this may be a month long process rather than a few days but I will report back soon with results and recipes I have learnt about through reading the book.

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