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by - May 02, 2014

On my recent trip to Yorkshire to check out The Ox Pasture Hall Hotel I resist going to see the Sea. I'm from the Midlands meaning opportunities to breath in the fresh Sea air are pretty rare, so when we stubbled upon Scarborough just a 10 minute detour away I was pretty excited. 

Aside from feeling like the most overdressed people ever after coming from the meet up, a sense of instant calm comes over me when I see a jagged cliff edge looking over the Sea. 

We went for a stroll down the seafront to the beach and I was surprised to find a variety of cafe's and shops including a surf shop that also offers lessons, right on the beach. It seems like the area is really up and coming with new beach front apartments also available and I can only imagine what a great view they get to wake up to. 

The Sea air must have sent me a little crazy too. 

It was still such lovely weather even though it was a little later and these crazy kids were obviously eager to make the most of it and try out all this coast have to offer. 

I've always been partial to beach huts, to me they scream family and childhood and owning one of my own is definitely on my dream list. Did you know those tiny little huts cost about £30,000!

One of my favourite feelings in the world is cool sand between my toes so we took to the beach for a free pedicure and to get our first sand fix of the year. 

Of course a seafront as blue sky is always a great opportunity for a mini photo shoot too.

The beach is clearly dog friendly as we spotted this cutest little Westie, much to Sal's happiness, it was so clean though, it seems they're putting a lot of effort into the area and it could soon been the Newquay of the north. It had all the makings of a perfect seaside town with just the right amount of arcades, souvenir shops and ice cream stands but with the refurbished sea front properties the, all be it lovable, tackiness often associated with the Northern coast lines was nowhere to be seen. 

The coasts staple ruin didn't disappoint, joined by hotels and victorian terraces lining the cliff top.

Caught looking rather awkward by Miss RDF as the sun was setting and it was time to head home. 
Here are some behind the scenes shots, I think it's important to show you the real side of life haha, the awkwardness that is me and me trying to get pictures on the beach. 

Until next time, 



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