Thursday, 15 May 2014

Boots Haul, 3 for 2 | beauty

Why do they do it to us, 3for2 at Boots basically means, you will spend a lot of money in here today. Even though I'm getting a great deal, I end up buying twice as much because I think I 'may aswell' get it today whilst 3for2 is on, despite having 2 at home already, oh marketing.

Although I say it like it's a bad thing, I managed to pick up some goodies the other day, a few of which I have wanted for a while so I thought I would show what I managed to find.  

+ Rimmel, Match Perfection - 103 True Ivory

I have been looking for a new drug store foundation for a while and I've seen and heard great things about this one so thought I would give it a try.

The left picture is just after moisturising and the right is after foundation, there is no editing and no other makeup on my face. It was hard to get the lighting the same but you can see it takes out any redness, covers blemishes and dark circles without much help and still lets the light hit your high points. I am really liking it so far and it seems to last without looking greasy throughout the day, for the price I would definitely recommend. 


+ MaxFactor, False Lash Effect - Black

This is a staple for me, I am a such a creature of habit and when I find something that works I stick to it so this drugstore beauty is one I have stuck with for about 2 years now. 

If you are looking to have super full looking lashes without the spider effect I can definitely recommend this. When I spend time building it up, people often ask if I have lash extensions in and as you can see from the above picture, when I have no make up my lashes definitely don't look like that.
I need to get the waterproof formula for holiday so if anyones tried it let me know! 


+ Revlon, Colourburst Matte Balm - 245 Audacious

As soon as the sun comes out I fall in love with orange lip colours and I have been wanting to try one of the 'crayon' looking lip balms for a while. 

I fell in love with this shade, it's also one of the new matte shades which I was into as a trend for S/S, but the best thing about this product, the smell. I didn't even realise and hadn't heard anything about it but it tastes/smells of mint and is so refreshing. I'm addicted. I will admit though, because it's matte, it does dry out on the lips after a while so I advise using a balm as well. 


+ Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick - 
- 22, Red 
- 110, Orange

I have been wanting to pick up some of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks for ages, late to the party I know, I have seen so many good things said about them and so many times when I love a lipstick it ends up being one of them, I really wanted the 01 red shade, but of course it was sold out, so I chose these vibrant beauties instead. 


The formula seems really good, it lasts all day with usual top ups and they are pretty moisturising but I always use a balm under lipsticks anyway. They have great colour pay off and I just love the colours and there is so much choice across the whole collection and with the price I can take a top up or two throughout the day. 


+ L'oreal, Super Line Blackbuster - Black

I haven't worn eyeliner on a regular basis for years, the reason being I could not and can not get used the those tiny brushes usually used for liquid eyeliner, the gel liners I used went dry after a few weeks and pencil doesn't give the right look and smudges but the end of the day. This one caught my eye straight away with it's great packaging and I tried it right in the store, it was ridiculously easy and you can do a think line or thin and its quick drying. 

I have used it at least three times already and I am loving the new look I get and it stays put all day or night. 


+ Rimmel, Pro Eyebrow Pencil - 002 Hazel 

Until about 18 months ago I had never used anything but a pencil to fill in my eyebrows, when I was in Mac and the girl filled in my brows using a powder and I switched instantly. However, I am on the hunt for a product that has a little bit more staying power for when I go travelling as I will be in and out of the sea and on the beach and although powder looks more natural, a splash of water is not good news. 

I chose this lighter shade because with being a pencil I didn't want it to look too bold, however it was a bad choice, this makes my brows look really ginger which is not my colouring at all, however that's my fault. I also found the formula wasn't very smooth, it left 'bits' in my brows and was quite hard to work with. The brush on the lid is really good though and works well on blending out the pencil.


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