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by - May 12, 2014

A few weekends ago now, myself and 7 of my favourite ladies headed off to The Cotswolds for a little mini break. One of my friends actually knows somebody who has a house in Broadway, a gorgeous village in the heart of the Cotswold District so it was the perfect place for us to all go and enjoy each others company, catch up, take a break and soak up some beautiful English countryside. 

My friend Charlie and I were the first to arrive, but before we managed to get there, SatNav decided to lead us to the middle of nowhere, so a tip if this lures you in to a trip to Broadway yourself, just but the village in the SatNav and you'll be able to find where you're looking for when you arrive. We did find this cute village though on our detour. 

So, after doing a little settling in we decided, despite the torrential rain (oh England), to go and explore the area as I had never been before and the whole place looked beautiful as we drove in so I was keen to see what would be keeping us busy for the next few days, although with 8 girls who haven't seen in other in a while all in one place there is rarely an opportunity to be looking for something to do. 


After doing some joke OOTD's due to the fact that, well at least I, looked horrendous, I do not have the wardrobe or style to pull off 'country bumpkin' no matter how long I have lived in the countryside, we headed back to the house to put our feet up, have a cup of tea or 4 and wait for the other to arrive. 

That night Charlie and I cooked a yummy risotto for everyone, which I will on because it was amazing! Then the makeup was off, cameras away and girl talk and the Beyoncé docu. 

We woke up to beautiful sunshine on Saturday which was amazing, so after filling up on some croissants and crumpets, we headed out to see Broadway how it should be seen. 

Olivia clearly happy the sun is out.

Helena looking into her next Real Estate venture. 

Trying to get 8 people in a selfie. 

In the sun we got the opportunity to enjoy just how beautiful this little village is, don't be put of that I say little, because although it seems quaint is is perfectly kitted out with all your weekend away needs. It's Cotswold signature stone streets are lined with coffee shops, tea rooms, restaurants, village stores and gorgeous specialist shops. 

However if shopping and drinking tea isn't your thing, you're obviously crazy, but just a walk to the end of the high street and miles of walks are yours for the taking, or even just a stroll to pick out your future dream house is perfect. 

Charlie recently has foot surgery, so tried to sabotage mine clearly. 

Walking around enjoying the sunshine, dreaming of our 50 year off retirements and visiting many shops full homeware I desperately want but definitely don't need, we decided it was time for a late lunch. I will say if you decide to go to Broadway in a big group, booking for meals is essential, although they're beautiful, the old buildings cater for smaller parties unless given notice so to be sure give them a call before. As we didn't know this, we ended up going to The Swan, a lovely gastro pub and restaurant as the tea rooms couldn't hold us. 

I'm not sure what was so interesting but it must have been something exciting. 

After so delicious pulled pork sandwiches, which I would definitely recommend along with the other sandwiches on the lunch menu, we wandered to the other side of Broadway, a quieter more residential area full of old but perfectly restored shop fronts with their original signs, more boutiques hidden amongst the amenities which even seemed cut here and even a glass front studio that I wanted to place an offer on instantly.

An innocent walker got roped into trying to take a group photo for us and was very kind to do so, however I look a dishevelled mess due to running across the road to join the group after giving her my camera. 


We headed home to relax for a few hours and get ready to go to Luke's, a restaurant owned by Luke Thomas featured of The Great British Menu attached to a hotel on the main street, we had booked the night before. 

Going out with a big group of friends or family to enjoy great food is one of my favourite things and in a place like Broadway where relaxing is high on the agenda, I want to be honest so if you do visit you have an idea of what to expect. Our experience at Luke's wasn't the best, service was poor and for the price the food was average, it was a nice night because of the company and the setting but I would say try another one of the many restaurants in Broadway if you're a real foodie. 

This place is even beautiful at night and I love that it's quiet but so safe as well as everywhere being close you can stroll home. 

We had a chilled Sunday to finish off the weekend then headed to Stratford - Upon - Avon on our way home, but I think this may be the longest post I've ever written already so I will leave it there.

Any questions about Broadway, The Cotswolds or if you have been yourself let me know below. 

Until next time, 



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